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Hi community,

Yes, I know that there is a separate forum for this, but I was hoping that my post would not get lost.....

I am looking for some advice about an upgrade for FSW please. Currently, I am running the sim on an i5 3570k, with 16GB ram, a 256 ssd, and a Gtx 660ti video card.

I was going to do a full upgrade, but after looking at performance comparison for the new i5 kabylake, I cannot justify the cost, so I would like a suggestion please for an upgrade:

Keep my cpu and mobo.

Upgrade to 32gb ram.

Upgrade to a 512gb SSD

Upgrade to Windows 10

Do not know which video card to buy?

Recommendations please community? I love this sim, and would love to get more out of it. As usual, all advice is appreciated.



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What screen resolution are you using? What sort of performance is your current system giving you? What, specifically, do you find to be a problem with FSW on your system?

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My rig is a similar spec to yours (Phenom 975 3.6ghz, 16gb DDR2) and I've just upgraded the GPU from a GTX750Ti 2Gb to a GTX1050Ti 4Gb - WHAT an improvement! I won't have to look at a mobo/cpu/ram upgrade for a year or two, hopefully...

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 I ran it on a msi gtx960 and can tell you it will push your GPU unlike FSX , I have a i5 3.4ghz with the 960 and had the gpu at 90%-100% in the sim, but now I`m switching to a new flighsim PC I built last weekend, so try for the best GPU you can buy 1060 or 1070.

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For now you don't need 32GB of ram.
SSD will have no impact in performance, it will only load the simulator faster. But I fully recommend to use one.
You should rethink about upgrading your CPU, simulators are really hungry for CPU power.
Like X-plane, FSW will use your GPU a lot even more if you are using trueSky, so would recommend you to get the best you can pay.

That said, I would firstly upgrade CPU (here, if you don't want to go to kaby lake, just look for an i7 3770k) and GPU, wouldn't care to buy 32GB of ram, 16GB of ram is more than ok for now. SSD and Windows 10 are optional, they won't make a big difference in the performance, the SSD will load the sim faster, but that's about it. I'm using Windows 10, it's a really great SO, but it has it's issues and some people are facing issues with it, for it's being a good experience so far.

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