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ActiveSky for P3DV4 network configuration

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12 minutes ago, AlphaInfinity said:

Any advice on getting Active Sky installed in a network configuration?


These instructions seem a little old. Do you install the software on the networked machine? Is there a better more updated guide out there?

Have you checked the forums at HiFi?


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I actually had this working for a bit, but now I just run ASP4 and ASCA on the same PC as P3Dv4 with little performance hit if any.  I found that when the weather updated the networked setup was slow and caused stutters, particularly updating ASCA theme. Could have just been my impressions though, I never really tested it extensively.  

To get it to work, I ended up using the P3Dv4 SDK to troubleshoot the SimConnect setup -

I find it interesting that many new applications (Navigraph charts, little navmap) have created their own "server" plugins to bypass simconnect.  I hope Hifi does this too in short order...

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