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  1. 32 Gigs of RAM and twin RTX 2080's. Think mine might qualify? 🙂
  2. Does this have nice rain effects like the A2A and FSLABS products?
  3. It would be REALLY nice if you could export a flightplan into your favorite aircraft!
  4. Do any of the Reality XP GTN products offer weather? Disregard, after further research it looks like the weather options are greyed out and cannot currently be used.
  5. All, Thank you for the suggestions! It does in fact look like A2A has the market cornered for GA.
  6. Going to be a deal breaker for me. ORBX has done a truly remarkable job with scenery but this seems like a huge step back.
  7. I would LOVE to fly my A2A aircraft, but they are having some serious issues with the a2asimulations.com site at the moment and are heads down trying to get that resolved. Hopefully I can download my purchases once the troubleshooting is complete.
  8. So to be clear, this aircraft has rain effects, visible icing and tcas or taws capability?
  9. Hi All, Looking for a study level GA aircraft with the following features: 1. Simulated icing with visible icing effects 2. rain effects on the windshield 3. Top notch sound 4. TCAS and TAWS(or at least reality XP compatibility I would prefer a turbo prop but I am trying to keep an open mind. I already own a few of the A2A products and the Vertx Da62 doesn't have icing or rain effects.
  10. A few questions. I currently used Hi-Fi Active Sky next for Prepar3d V4. I use it because the weather radar in various aircraft wont work without it. 1. Will the "real time weather data read" look at the sim and use the weathe data injected by ASP4? 2. Was this tested with any of the PMDG or FSLABS products?
  11. I just installed the plane, and I am having he same issue. I have to go to a spot view and then back to the cockpit before the displays will fire up in the aircraft. Not able to start the engines. I have uninstalled, removed the vertx folder under /me/documents/prepare3d/addons and reinstalled. Also tried loading a default aircraft first, then switching to the plane. Also tried setting from cold dark to started in the vertx control panel and I still get a dark cockpit with basically no sound and not able to start the engines.
  12. Rob, Thank you for all the information on this new processor! I was also underwhelmed by the lack of PCI lanes. I planned on running dual M.2, SLI 2080TI's as well as a 10Gb interface card. This whole architecture seems like a step down from the X299 platform. Intel really tried to wow us all with that 5ghz turbo speed but it seems like everybody is having problems with heat. Based on the information you provided, I am now considering just upgrading from the 7820x to the 7920x or 7940X and extending the life of my existing machine. Thoughts?
  13. EXCEPT at KSEA right? I am curious to know if your rig will maintain 30FPS at the toughest airport in the game.
  14. I don't agree. Less PCI lanes, maybe a 400MHZ difference. The PCI lanes matter to me, I run a 10GB home network and I have a ASUS 10GB card in one of the slots. Not a lot of benefit at the moment to going with the latest processor. I think I would rather have the second card and wait for another generation of processor to come out that offers a more significant upgrade: https://www.techspot.com/review/1730-intel-core-i9-9900k-core-i7-9700k/page6.html http://hwbench.com/cpus/intel-core-i9-9900k-vs-intel-core-i7-7820x There is a great thread by Rob above that explains the benefit of NVLINK at HIGH resolutions. Make sure to scroll down to view single RTX2080TI vs 2.
  15. I have been so impressed with the single 2080TI that I have(in comparison to the SLI 1080 setup I had before) that I just ordered my second one. Main reason? I game in 4k and the way the 2080TI seems to handle heavy clouds is VERY impressive to me. I was also able to turn on HDR for the first time and while my FPS is not extremely high, the game seems to run at a more consistent FPS with more detail and better lighting. I have a 7820X OC'd to 4.7 on water. 32 Gigs of ram and a 960 M2 drive where all the P3d stuff lives. I find myself flying more, and spending less time tweaking the P3D config. I looked at Rob's comparison again before ordering the second card and I feel as though a second one is justified when used at my resolution. The performance gain IS worth it! If I spent all of my time in Aerofly 2, World of Warships or the latest FPS shooter then a second card would NOT be needed but this is P3d and NVLINK scaling in this game seems to do fairly well at higher resolutions. I will report back when the second card arrives.
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