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  1. I didn't think this was true unless you went with the more expensive professional use cards per the video below. Nvlink on the RTX platform is still SLI(with much more bandwidth) but aggregating the memory on the cards is still NOT happening(yet).
  2. Rob, As always great data thank you! Graphic processing power is increasing generation over generation at a pretty brisk pace. Are we not reaping the benefits in Prepare3d because we are increasing the resolution or is the graphics engine not designed or optimized to take advantage of these cards?
  3. I have a 1080 SLI rig that I run P3d on now. My RTX 2080TI is on order and will be here in a few weeks. I will post my general impression once I get the card.
  4. AlphaInfinity

    Anti Aliasing - Constant Shimmering

    Is there a current and updated Nvidia inspector and configuration guide for Prepar3d 4.3?
  5. Any advice on getting Active Sky installed in a network configuration? These instructions seem a little old. Do you install the software on the networked machine? Is there a better more updated guide out there?
  6. AlphaInfinity

    Oculus Rift & P3D

    This is the same experience I had with the Dk2, great experience but the resolution wasn't high enough to read the displays in any cockpit... Hopefully the next rift has a higher resolution.
  7. @Rob Ainscough What are your thoughts on the x299 Prime? I just received my 7820x and I am on the fence about these motherboards. I am trying to decide between moving forward and buying the prime or waiting on more ROG boards from Asus to hit the market. What do you think?
  8. This thread is getting off topic. Yes, I would buy a new MD-11 if it was ported or designed from the ground up for P3d V4. It is still my favorite airliner to this day!
  9. AlphaInfinity

    PC Upgrade for v4 - Thoughts?

    I am running a 5820k at 4.2 with 2 1080 STRIX cards in SLI. The problem is not the GPU for me, its the CPU utilization. Running at 90% and spikes a LOT to 100. Honestly, its clock speed/CPU that is the bottleneck.
  10. AlphaInfinity

    Default P3Dv4 trees or FTX HD Trees

    So how do you turn off dynamic trees? Is that the "Dynamic 3d Autogen Vegetation" checkbox?
  11. AlphaInfinity

    Depressed that the MD11 is being left behind.

    I have to say that the MD-11 is what drew me into airliners. The fidelity of that sim at the time was beyond anything else out there. I hope they refresh it someday, but I do understand the limited audience.
  12. AlphaInfinity

    What is the verdict on SLI and P3dV4

    So we are certain that SLI is in fact working? I have two GTX1080's pushing an Acer X34 and I am considering getting a Z35 because the res is too high. This is on a 5820k with 32gigs of ram. I just wanted to validate that SLI is working as expected in V4. I am not seeing much of a difference between two cards and one card at the moment in V4, might have a config issue that i need to work through...
  13. All, I am seeing some conflicting information on SLI and P3d V4. Some say it works, others have commented that having two cards doesn't make any difference. I am not talking about VRAM usage, could care less about that honestly, but I do care about FPS increase or stability.
  14. AlphaInfinity


    With AWS Elasticity, there really is no excuse for a store front/shopping cart being offline during a major release....
  15. AlphaInfinity

    Taxi2gate Munich winter textures

    I am disturbed to hear that their support is not answering requests for help. I think they have some fantastic products, but I will certainly think twice about buying in the future if the reports of bad/no support continue.