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    Home Improvement and Simulators in my spare time.

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    First sim was Chuck Yeager's Air combat. Got serious with it on Flight Simulator 98.
  1. I always thought 32 gigs of ram would be overkill. I’m running a 7800k and a 2080ti but only 16 gigs of ram. I’ll go down to the store right now and throw in another 16 gigs if it would get me in.
  2. You guys make sure to change the QoS in your routers to make FS2020 have priority over the wife and kids' traffic too.
  3. Well ok. I guess it was in a dream I had lol. Thanks kyle
  4. ... Yes I noticed. I moved the EZDOK camera all the way outside the VC and looked back.I remember reading in the introduction or somewhere that the strobes are visible from the VC. I'm talking about seeing the strobe flash off the ground. Not the actual light itself on the wingtip.
  5. My taxi and landing lights illuminate the ground infront of me but the strobes dont seem to be visible from the VC. In Exterior shots they show up. Anybody else have this happen?
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