Autogen folder causing major long load delay on auto-generated scenery?

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I have a test scenario/config where i'm only loading a small subset of my scenery from scenery.cfg using the sceneryconfigeditor..

I've found that if i put back the "default" Autogen folder, created with the bare install and not modified by ORBX (i think only orbx modified the files) with ftx central.. my load time is around 1min50 sec..

I then opened ftx central and it did its thing to the files.. now suddenly my load times are around 5min almost 3 minutes longer.

Granted, i do have a ton of orbx scenery, but barely any of it, except the libraries is enabled in scenery right now.

I didnt have this issue maybe a week ago (pretty sure).. not sure what could have changed.  (p3dv4)

Any thoughts as to what is going on here..

Thanks in advance

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I did more testing of this.. i'm still really baffled.. i basically left defaults on and maybe 40 addon entries.. nothing major.. some included ftx global airports, ftx libraries.. utx, openlc and a bunch of smaller airports regionalized close to the state of PA.. i started to go through and unselect a bunch at a time testing the load time..

I came to a point where i thought maybe 2 to 4 entries were causing the long load.. but then i reselected/enabled a bunch more again.. then the load time doubled or tripled into the 3 minute plus (this should only take 1 to 1min15 sec to load the pittsburgh saved flight)..

So i thought ok, ill test by going back to the clean Autogen folder (basically i renamed the "corrupt" one and created a blank folder.. and let p3d autofix it etc)..  tested the load time.. very fast.. under 1 minute not 3-5 minutes with the same entries checked..

Then i decided to leave the "clean" folder in place and open ftx central.. it then changed all the file sizes to match the original "corrup" folder i had.. identical.. retested.. 3+ minutes again.

There was a point i had everything disabled addon wise except 10 or so.. and things flew.. it feels more like a gradual slowdown as things got added, mind you these are very minimal scenery addons i'm adding.

The other thing i tried was starting with a fresh cfg file.. it did help cut things in half.. soon as i upped the settings back to my "dense" autogen, things were back to slow normal.. setting autogen to sparse resulted in very fast times obviously... it didnt hang at that auto-generating point (about 70 to 80% is the hang up).

I'm now going to test this on a bare OS drive with the my full install just to rule out something hokey in the OS causing a sudden issue.. this wasnt an issue till recently and nothing really changed.


**also if i enable the PA photo scenery then its screaming fast (but i guess this is obvious, since no autogen)

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If you open FTX Central it will modify files in your Autogen folder.


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27 minutes ago, GSalden said:

If you open FTX Central it will modify files in your Autogen folder.


Yeah I know.. just trying to wrap my head around why a "clean" one is so much faster than an FTX modded one, but yet with barely any FTX scenery activated.. not sure what ftx central "adds" exactly.


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I put a "clean" install of just minimal ftx onto a clean p3dv4 folder.. tested again same... 45 seconds till i was loaded (not 3 or 5 etc).. (this with the same exact scenery entries added and activated, they are in a separate outside folder)   so something about the p3d folder itself is causing the slowdown.. its just that a "clean" autogen replicates the speed in a "dirty" p3d folder.. but i dont think its actually the fault of the autogen folder for it taking so long at 69,70-80%

I might try to uninstall the client and reinstall.  UPDATE:  no change after uninstall/reinstall

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I now decided to take the "clean" root scenery folder from the clean P3D folder and put it in the dirty one.. after renaming the old one..

Now things start up very snappy.. but of course many many scenery bgls and other files are not in there.. so maybe its safe to assume that part of the problem lies with this folder 

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In the Autogen folders all AG objects are described.

Orbx uses more different objects ( custom objects ) than default.

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Did more general timing tests.. things have gotten stranger each time.. 


In one case i would have what i'd consider a normal load time for a saved flight.. in another test i realized i had nod32 running the first time (which seems to add 45 seconds to 2 minutes depending for loading).. so instead of disabling i uninstalled, rebooted.. my previous test for this same load was around 3minutes.. after rebooting it was 5min 9 sec (i guess normal for a fresh reboot, takes longer the first time, never under stood this or times when you leave the pc sit for 3 hours come back, load the same situation and it takes that long again even though it ran without rebooting before)..

Then i try it again, 2nd try 2min47sec.. i then load up another saved flight.. try it.. i get 5minutes 35sec (this is without rebooting, after trying the last saved flight).. before the reboot i ran this same test 3 times and each time it was in the 3min range even on first run, suddenly now its jumping to 5min35sec.. i run a 2nd time in a row.. its back to 2min56 sec.. 

Wild fluctuations here that i cant explain or maybe just how it is and I never paid this much attention before (pretty sure it was never this excessive for what are mostly "minimally" enabled scenery library entries, at least on some of my tests.


I wish there was an easier way to track down the item that is slowing things down.. i've tried using process explorer and the files are that lights up green/red/white etc, but it doesnt really show you whats taking the most time or disk % and holding things up.

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I was able to narrow down (double confirm) the cause of the long loading, even with only literally 5 addons enabled..

It seems to be stemming from the P3d root scenery folder.

I copied over the clean version of the scenery folder and my one test that really only had ftx libraries, ftxg and openlc enabled, was taking 3 to 4 minutes to open a non ftx region (pgh) saved flight.. depending on first load after reboot etc.. with a clean install it was taking around 1 minute tops.. so moving this clean scenery folder from the clean install over and testing again, all held equal it also only took 1 minute.

At one point i was running with the scenery folder separated from everything using the add-on xml method, to keep any v3 sceneries from mucking up the scenery folder and subfolders.. then at i decided to just go for it and copy all the files into their appropriate folders in the scenery folder.. at this point i probably caused this massive delay.

I guess the question i need to figure out, is if this delay is "expected" by having a fully "stocked" scenery folder from all the various installs.. i'm guessing not, i'm guessing one or more files in there lead to this.

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I found the source of the trouble.. 


I have black marble + vector installed.. at one point it was recommended on their forums to disable BGL files associated with lights to increase performance (despite already turning off lights checkboxes in ftx central).. however.. in disabling these 4 entries it caused a 2 minute increase in load times, minimum.

The files in question were:


I had simply renamed them with .off to disable them.. so removing this fixed it.


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1 hour ago, Stratocruiser1 said:

Removing what? Just removing the .off or removing all 4 files completely?


Ah sorry. Removing the .off to reenable them.  Two of them are dynamic lights that basically attach or relate to auto gen trees. Hence if you disable them it screws up the auto gen processing.  Hence the delay and also why originally with a non ftx changed autogen folder i found it faster.

It's meant to help with daytime performance when using black marble vector I believe(not convinced I gained much fps by disabling), but at a hefty 2 to 3 minute load penalty, which for time constrained people like me is not so ideal:)

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