New rig installation with temporary old graphics card?

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Just about finished with sourcing the parts for my new rig. Short summary:
MSI Z270 Gaming M5
NZXT Kraken X62
G.Skill 3200MHz CL14 16Gb (2x 8Gb)
1x Samsung 960 EVO 500Gb (for Windows and Office apps)
1x Samsung 960 EVO 1Tb (for P3Dv4)
1x Seagate Barracuda 1Tb SATA600 (for static storage)
EVGA SuperNOVA G3 850W

The only thing missing right now is the video card. After a long consideration I made up my mind towards a GTX 1080 (non Ti), but still undecided about the brand and type. Will make that decision in the coming weeks (saving up a bit more in the meantime).

Since it will take a few weeks before I obtain the video card, would there be any disadvantage in already assembling my new rig using the video card of my current pc (a GeForce 660Ti 3Gb), so I can start the tedious process of installing everything while waiting for my new video card?
And once the new one arrives, just swap it with the 660Ti?

Would like some advice on this, since part of me really wants to begin (I’m already planning, saving up money and gathering parts for this since March of this year) but another part of me thinks it’s best to just wait until I actually have everything in order to have no issue’s with drivers and perhaps config files / settings based on hardware at time of installation.

Just as a side note: I am planning to delid (already have the RockIT delid/relid tool) and overclock.

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Should be no problem temporarily using your old graphics card. Just make sure that you uninstall the NVIDIA drivers before you fit your new card then use the "clean install" option to install the new drivers once the new card is in.

There are plenty of good cards about but I would make sure to get one of the new higher speed (11Gbps) GDDR5X video memory models. I have the MSI GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING X PLUS and highly recommend it - https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/msi-geforce-gtx-1080-gaming-x-plus-8g-review,1.html.

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You can run on the 660ti while you wait for the 1080. The advantage you have is going from one Nvidia card to another Nvidia card. 

Just make sure you uninstall the drivers for the 660ti before you power down the computer to install the 1080. 

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Nah, there's no major reason not to use what you have at the moment, in fact I did that with a computer recently. It wasn't any issue to simply whip out one GPU and stick another one in and put the drivers and software for it on there and then clean off the older drivers and software, although to be completely sure about stuff, it would probably be best to uninstall the old card software, then shut it down, then swap the cards after having done that and then power it up and install the new software.

There is one thing which might affect stuff a little bit, and that's the operating system you have. As you probably know, newer hardware tends to prefer Windows 10, and I've found that Windows 10 does actually make P3D, FSW and FSX-SE run a bit better than it did with Windows 7 as a result of the newer operating system letting the more modern CPU and GPU do its thing to the full extent, and it is worth noting that I changed the operating system after I had all kinds of stuff installed, including P3D and a bunch of add-ons, and all it did was simply make it run better.

I resisted installing Windows 10 for a long time because I prefer the interface of the older operating system, and still do, but I'm not sorry that I switched it as far as FPS goes. As noted, your older GPU might not play nicely as far as the latest drivers and software for GPUs goes, but as I say, that's just a case of changing that when you get the new card in.

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