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  1. Bios updates may impact over-clocking. This may be a double whammy.
  2. Fixed the issue. I had installed a few add-ons and didn't start the simulator to allow the shaders and files to update before I tried to run PTA. After letting Prepar3d v4.1 run I was able to successfully connect with PTA.
  3. I had to reinstall Windows 10 and Prepar3d V4.1. I am getting this same error with PTA v2.60. I did not get this error before my OS needed to be reinstalled. The OS and Prepar3dV4.1 are clean installs.
  4. I have done some more testing. The unit is much more accurate in flight and with a wind speed of 15kt or more as Jean-Luc has stated. Essentially the wind gauge and direction do work properly with wind speed over 15kt and in flight.
  5. It could be just me not understanding the instruments. Here is a screenshot.
  6. I will be away from my computer till Friday but I will post some screen shots when I get back. Thank you for the quick reply.
  7. I figured out how to get the unit to display wind speed and direction. The issue I am having is the wind speed is correct but the wind direction is not. I am comparing this to what prepar3d v4.1 is telling me and what also Active Sky for P3Dv4 and the aircraft I have that displays wind speed and direction.
  8. Mine does the same thing. I don't think anything is changed when it switches to custom, it is just the way the field is configured.
  9. I ran a test flight with the A2A Connie this morning and the GTN 750 works fine. I only use the unit in popup mode so I am not sure about embedding it in the VC. Now that I have the unit working on most of my planes I really (I mean really) like the unit. The only other thing I would like to have is wind direction and wind strength indicator but I don't even think the real unit has that option.
  10. And another update. I found the problem. (you probably already know) roar.exe is hanging. If I go into task manager and services and shutdown roar.exe then start prepar3d.v4.1 I can successfully load the GPS. More testing is needed but at least it is a start.
  11. One more update. On further inspection if I look real close I see "starting..." in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and it is very faint.
  12. I have only been able to get the GTN 750 to work on one aircraft and that is if I reboot Prepar3d v4.1 and load the Carenado C337. So far the PMDG DC-6, Carenado 525A Citation, and the A2A Constellation are no go's. I have even done as instructed above and attempted to reboot the unit. All times results in a grey screen. If I look real close the screen on reboot changes from black to grey. So I think the unit rebooted and is powered but nothing displays on the screen.
  13. I have installed the GTN 750 in the PMDG DC-6 and the Carenado Citation C525A and the unit does not power on. Just a black screen. I click on Add-ons and selected Reality XP GTN then setup aircraft. I chose "Configure Reality XP GTN Popup Windows" and followed the instructions. Any suggestions?
  14. OK here is an update. I un-installed the software and ran the Flight1 installer again. This time I did not select a different extraction folder but kept the default of C:/RealityXP. I ran the installer in C:/RealityXP folder and it placed the program in C:\Program Files (x86)\Reality XP\GTN Simulation\FltSim. The GTN750 is now running as it should and I do not have the invalid license warning. So it may be a good idea to not change the default C:/RealityXP extraction folder. :) Thank you bills511 for the quick reply.