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  1. Nope. I am running a 4k 48" Screen so I see it worse than most. Still trees, buildings, etc.. popping when you change views. Also I see a definite tree ring and blurring of textures in the distance.
  2. Quick update. Performance is smooth. I am running 4k, Ultra settings, Object and terrain distance 200. The lowest I have dipped is 35fps. Now the one nit pick thing I can find. The trees almost go to the horizon but I can see it pop in an out if I look real hard. I am running on a 48" OLED so I can see everything.
  3. FedEx helps this cause. They supplied the plane and provides ongoing maintenance and pilot training. https://www.orbis.org/en/corporate-partners/fedex
  4. You go to the website and there is not an option to purchase. Also you have to register to view their support page. (not that this is unusual but it was not that way a week ago.)
  5. Don't quote me on this but I think Lens Correction is suppose to limit the fisheye effect in multi-monitor setups.
  6. I would like to add that wind direction and speeds needs to be added also. I would at least like a wind direction and speed indicator.
  7. This worked for me. Settings -> Apps & Features -> Search for "Gaming Services" -> Advanced Options -> Repair
  8. With all this chatter about a GTN 750 I have been attempting to purchase the TDS GTNXi for the last two days. When you try to purchase the product it says "Due to a technical problem, we are unable to handle new orders at this time!" I guess that is my answer. I will just stick with the default units in game.
  9. I looked into getting this and it looks as if in the future it will be a nice add-on. I am gong to pass for now. I want a GTN750 that I can use in all planes without having to jump through a bunch of hoops. This is what turned me off. "The basic package will do nothing by itself. Flying with it requires to use a third party aircraft with the GTN750 integrated or one of the standard MSFS aircraft with a G1000"
  10. I have no issue landing the plane but once I am on the runway it is hard to control. I think I am getting on the brakes too soon and skidding.
  11. So far it is just as I remembered in P3dv4. I do have one issue. My plane seems to have fuel leak in Main Tank 2. I like to switch to the alternate center tanks after I reach cruise and noticed Main Tank 2 is loosing fuel ever so slightly.
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