RXP GNS V2 v2.3.4 update released!

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Hi, quick note to let you know v2.3.4 is now live!

You can now use the Settings Panel | Check Updates button, and get the release notes and download the installer.

In short:

  • New: Support for Prepar3D v4.1
  • New: Link Simulator GPS Waypoints option synchronizes GNS route to FS GPS/EFIS.
  • New: Use Legacy Mouse Knobs option offers left+right+middle buttons control.
  • New: Adjust Brightness option to change per-instance bezel brightness in the cockpit.
  • New: Offset Brightness option to change per-instance screen brightness in the cockpit.
  • New: Panel Assistant 'scale' factor to change popup windows default size.


Here are some notes about the new features:

- new per-instance settings to adjust the brightness of the bezel, and to offset the brightness of the screen independently. Some VC are not natively designed for the GNS V2 gauge, and these settings helps the gauge look and feel. "per-instance" means you can set these up for a gauge in the VC, set these up differently for another gauge in the VC, and again for any other popup window! It is quite flexible!

- 'scaling' option in the assistant when creating popup windows. Although it might not be useful as-is for the GNS V2, it is paramount when trying to stack 2x GTN 750 on a small monitor. Since we've been adding this option to the GTN, we've also added it to the GNS V2! The assistant let's you choose 1:1, ¾, ½ and ¼ scales.

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looks good, bezel can now be darkened (via editing the values in the config file).  gps is working again on v4.1, nice!

as a side, i did see the gps freeze up (no response to buttons) once but calling up the config window and rebooting (via switching off tcad) got it going again.  not sure what happened, just changed system time to check night lighting... didn't happen again.


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