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How to configure various texture enhancers

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I currently use REX texture direct with soft clouds enhanced edition, Orbx Global, Vector, Europe LC, Active Sky Cloud art and Active sky along with PTA and THOPAT setting.

I've disabled REX textures for clouds as I understand ASCA does this for me but its on for everything else, tarmac, taxiway etc - I think I've understood that right as ASCA should over rule REX as the cloud texture drawer as its better at it?

I've seen the news from THOPAT and its optimised for Envtex and I'm wondering if this product is basically the same as REX?  Therefore is there any benefit to having both REX and Envtex?

Including the questions above, how would you configure the programs to provide the best visuals - who should rule over who?

................and go!!

Many thanks.

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An impossible question again. If you would care to lend me  your eyes, I could tell you what looks better to you otherwise only what looks better to me.

Rex & Envtex - they do not compete with each other - Envtex is an enhancement product essentially and no matter WHICH textures you use, ASCA or REX or ???, it will enhance that experience. Envtex is designed to work seamlessly with ASCA but does a great job with REX.

REX vs ASCA - I wouldn't say ASCA is "better at it" with the exception that, along with ASP4 weather engine, ASCA can dynamically change the textures as you fly, With REX textures that doesn't happen.

BUT there are many users who prefer REX textures and don't care about dynamic changes and they will stay with REX clouds.

For me, ASP4 , ASCA+Envtex and REX for airport textures, etc are the way to go.

Try different combinations and see which YOU like best.


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I'm sorry you felt it was an impossible question and that it may have been asked many times before

What I hoped to avoid with the question was to not buy every product that made P3D look like a vendors screenshot and I totally agree that I need to decide what looks good for me.  I want to buy one product that compliments  others rather than products that duplicate their actions, textures and functions with others as it makes the whole hobby experience a lot more expensive.

Thank you for your clear explanation, so Envex is a bit like PTA? (am I allowed to say that after today's posts on the PTA forum) Do you use PTA?

To allow ASCA to draw cloud textures I understood I simply need to deselect the cloud textures from the REX control panel? This goes toward my example in para.2 ASCA and REX both do clouds so if I could have done I would have bought REX without soft clouds as I'm duplicating another app's job.

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