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Is there a comprehensive User Manual for MCE

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Hi everyone,

I've just purchased MCE after trying out the demo. Looks like it is an excellent add-on.

I've gone through all the documentation and the User Manual seems to be an Installation Manual only.

Is there a comprehensive manual available or will I need to learn from the forums and videos?


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Hello Paul, in my opinion, the best way to go with MCE is to work through the GUI, page by page. 

Load up a complex add on, with it's Vox Scripts. These are your flows or procedures and take a look at all the options in the MCE GUI menu. Then load up a native aircraft, that may not have any flows. You can then add some of your own. You may even "import" flows from other aircraft, use the "import" button. All the other tabs will become apparent as you experiment.

The beauty of MCE is that it's mostly intuitive, or rather it's easier to learn it by doing it, than reading about how to do everything. It's like reading about how to input into an FMC! Far easier to have it in front of you and press the buttons!

With MCE you can choose to use it as your flying preference demands. You may just use voice commands only, or employ a full range of flows (Vox Scripts) together with voice commands. The Vox Scripts are really just lines of commands employed by the first officer during flows/procedures. Sorry if you already know this, but I have no baseline of your knowledge.

If you want to know the commands for each complex aircraft, they are all in your install folder. There you will also find a comprehensive list of generic commands that work with all native aircraft in FS9/FSX/P3d and even X Plane!

The beauty and one of the great strengths of MCE, is the flexibility of vocal command structure. You don't have to repeat "parrot like" commands to get the first officer to act. Eg. "Flaps full,extend flaps to full, select full flaps,extend flaps to full,flaps 45," or the specific full detent for the aircraft.....which MCE knows, if it's a fully supported aircraft.

You can also use MCE to communicate with ATC. VATSIM, RC4, PF3 and native ATC. Alternatively, you may ask your first officer to handle all the comms, just by saying "your radios"! That's AI ATC, obviously!:happy:

If you have any specific questions, just post them on here and I am sure Gerald or someone will have the answer.

MCE is not just a very powerful simulation tool, it's also great fun. At least I find it so! To be able to create/add flows from your own experience/company, or from specific flight manuals, lends a high degree of authenticity to the aircraft simulation you wish to fly.

Best regards



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22 hours ago, PaulFWatts said:

Is there a comprehensive manual available or will I need to learn from the forums and videos?


Welcome aboard David.

There are literally dozens of documents, accessible via the Windows menu

Start->All Apps->Multi Crew Experience and you should find the links there.

If for some reason you cannot locate them that way, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Multi Crew Experience\Docs folder.

The system is designed in such a way that a real world pilot shouldn't have to look up the documentation. There are many variations in the way you request things to be performed.

And in the odd case where you're having trouble remembering one of those variations, we allow you to create your own custom speech command and tie it to one of the built-in ones, It will then become an additional command, so you can interact with co-pilot naturally

You'll learn a lot by just watching David's YouTube MCE related videos.

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Thanks David & Gerald.

All great advice and much appreciated.

Looking forward to getting to know this well.

Kind regards

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