Around the world in 175 days part 44: San Francisco, Eugene Oregon

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September 25, 1924: Next stop was Crissy Field in San Francisco,  along the route Boston II had a generator failure and had to land a fair ground a few miles south of the city.  The other two planes circled and continued on after Wade and Ogdon signaled they were solving the problem.  They landed at Crissy field at 3:10pm to a much more subdued reception than in Santa Monica, hundreds of solders guarded the parking ramp from the large but well behaved crowd.  Meanwhile, a young truck driver asked Wade if he needed assistance, they agreed to exchange batteries when they discovered that the truck used a similar one.  The driver refused payment so Wade invited him to meet them in there hotel that evening, they were then able to continue to Crissy Field to join the others.    

October 25, 2017:  For the next leg I will be using the Learjet 45.  The Learjet 45 is a mid sized business jet made by the Learjet division of Bombardier, and the first all new design since the original Learjet. Introduced in 1998, about 642 ov all versions were built before production switched to the upgraded model 75 in 2012.  The model I am using is the default one that comes with FSX, despite its age, is nice to fly and does not look that bad, inside or out, as long as you don’t look around the corners too much, and it works well in P3D v4.

The biggest decision on this leg was what airport to fly into, Crissy field closed log ago and there are no other airstrips within the city limits of San Francisco.  I considered Alameda NAS and Oakland International but decided on San Francisco International, just south of the city.  Weather was Clear but a bit hazy, 3 knot winds and a temperature of 28C/82F.  I headed north out of Santa Monica headed north west over the coastal mountains at 12,000 feet.  At about 100nm out I contacted ATC and requested an ILS approach into SFO.  The landing was a bit rough but I ended up landing safely, the 289mn flight took 1.1 hours.

I actually live and work in the San Francisco Bay area so its always fun to come home.

Here are the pics:

Ready for takeoff.

Flying over the Tehachapi Mountains.

Past the mountians and into the central valley.

Monterey Bay.

San Francisco Bay ahead.

Coming in over San Francisco Bay.  I have a view of that mountian in the distance right outside by back window.  If you look closely you might even see my house.

On final into SFO.


Thanks for reading.

September 27, 1924: The engine change on Boston II required they stay another day in San Fransico so they slept in late, went to the theater and back to there rooms at the St. Francis Hotel.  They departed Crissy Field in excellent weather on the 27th and flew to Eugene Oregon, a place Lt Smith considered a second home, and despite his request for a quiet welcome, the Governor and City Mayor had arranged large reception that drew people from all over the state.

October 27, 1927:  For the next leg I will be using the Bombardier CRJ-700.  The CRJ-700 is a regional jet liner developed from the earlier CRJ-200 series.  It first flew in 1999 and over 800 have ben built so far. The model I am using is the default one that comes with FSX and I think is one of the better aircraft that were packaged with it.  

Weather for the flight to Eugene was good, clear with 3 knot winds and temperature of 17C/63F.  We headed north from SFO over the city, climbing to 12000 feet to safely fly over the northern California mountains, made a pass over crater lake and descended into Eugene where the one bit if excitement happened on the trip, a low cloud had placed itself just a couple miles in front of the runway so I could not make the assigned VFR landing on it,  After two attempts I circled around and landed from the other direction on the runway, good thing the control tower did not complain.  The 393 nm flight had taken 1.5 hours.

Here are the pics:

Ready to go at SFO.

Flying over the city, trying to see if I can spot the building I work in.

Flying over Clear Lake.  Calling Clear Lake 'Clear' is like calling Greenland 'Green'.

Flying by Mount Shasta (again)

View of Shasta from the cockpit.

Flying over Crater Lake, Oregon.

Comming into Eugene Oregon.


Thanks for reading

Just one more to go....

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Great looking screenshots of California and Oregon...thank you for aviation history!


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16 hours ago, joefremont said:

Just one more to go....

Somehow that is a little pity... Reading of your and the 1924 flyers' adventures have become a nice practice within the last months. I wish you good luck for the last one!



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