P3Dv4.1/A320X F11 spot and F12 top down view problem

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Hi Keven -

Migrated to P3Dv4.1 this fall, and Chaseplane has been running fine with most aircraft, including the F11 spot and F12 top down views that you re-enabled last spring for all sims.  But after installing the new FSL A320-X for P3Dv4.1, and importing my P3Dv3 CP presets for the A320, ran into a strange problem.  All the CP on-board, outside and static camera presets work fine, but the F11 spot and F12 top down views now don't work.  Instead they show two different cockpit camera views, similar but not identical to my CP onboard camera views.   I realize I can create a pseudo-locked spot outside view in CP using gimbal, but I miss the top down view.

I am guessing that when CP added its camera definitions to my A320 aircraft.cfg, something got messed up. 

I noticed that there were two in-cockpit views with hotkeyselect 3 (and tied to the F11 key) and hotkeyselect 4  (and tied to the F12 key).  I remembered from an old post that with CP on FSX you could simply disable or delete the corresponding hotkeyselect lines in the aircraft.cfg, and it restored proper F11 spot and F12 - this had worked for me last year.  But when I try it with P3Dv4, each time I launch P3D, the aircraft.cfg file is getting "corrected" and the hotkeyselect numbers restored (even if CP isn't running !), so effectively I can't delete the assignments.

Has anyone else reported this F11/F12 problem with A320 or other aircraft ?  I can email you my appdata cameras.cfg and aircraft.cfg if you think that would provide a clue as to what is going on.

BTW I've also noticed that the legacy FSX A and S view mode and camera selection keys still work in P3D, even though I don't see the keys assigned anywhere in the P3D options/controls key assignment list.  Did you add their functionality back in CP ?  Their views work OK in stock P3D a/c, but are also messed using the A320.

Appreciate any insights on how to restore top down !



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