Random Failures in P3dv4.1

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Since I start to fly in P3DV4.1 with the 737 NGX I have no more random failures !

I put 7 failures every 10 hours.

I have flown a lot of times and never have any failures ..

My aircraft.ini files is normaly save after each flight, I have adminsator right so I don't understand the problem





[Failure Groups]
Run Timer.0=0.620008
Run Timer.1=0.620008
Run Timer.2=0.620008
Run Timer.3=0.620008
Run Timer.4=0.620008
Run Timer.5=0.620008
Run Timer.6=0.620008
Run Timer.7=0.620008
Run Timer.8=0.620008
Run Timer.9=0.620008
Run Timer.10=0.620008
Run Timer.11=0.620008
Run Timer.12=0.620008
Run Timer.13=0.620008
Run Timer.14=0.620008
Run Timer.15=0.620008
[Failure Items]
Run Timer.0=0.620008 4947388.500000
Run Timer.1=0.620008 12361534.000000
Run Timer.2=0.620008 1438431.625000
Run Timer.3=0.620008 2079276.875000
Run Timer.4=0.620008 11095649.000000
Run Timer.5=0.620008 6707824.500000
Run Timer.6=0.620008 46870100.000000
Run Timer.7=0.620008 2054623.125000
Run Timer.8=0.620008 80102936.000000
Run Timer.9=0.620008 15564444.000000
Run Timer.10=0.620008 15616445.000000
Run Timer.11=0.620008 25592272.000000
Run Timer.12=0.620008 8514390.000000
Run Timer.13=0.620008 103265576.000000
Run Timer.14=0.620008 78551120.000000
Run Timer.15=0.620008 38295956.000000
Run Timer.16=0.620008 78910648.000000
Run Timer.17=0.620008 45432952.000000
Run Timer.18=0.620008 85657288.000000
Run Timer.19=0.620008 38803920.000000
Run Timer.20=0.620008 55108356.000000
Run Timer.21=0.620008 52151352.000000
Run Timer.22=0.620008 105327872.000000
Run Timer.23=0.620008 39188084.000000
Run Timer.24=0.620008 104113416.000000
Run Timer.25=0.620008 22122964.000000
Run Timer.26=0.620008 45993040.000000
Run Timer.27=0.620008 103050864.000000
Run Timer.28=0.620008 33830212.000000
Run Timer.29=0.620008 90766880.000000
Run Timer.30=0.620008 127014744.000000
Run Timer.31=0.620008 62833008.000000
Run Timer.32=0.620008 118398296.000000
Run Timer.33=0.620008 25961322.000000
Run Timer.34=0.620008 25432888.000000
Run Timer.35=0.620008 78745016.000000
Run Timer.36=0.620008 89489144.000000
Run Timer.37=0.620008 19009716.000000
Run Timer.38=0.620008 32296670.000000
Run Timer.39=0.620008 29136576.000000
Run Timer.40=0.620008 26422042.000000
Run Timer.41=0.620008 26618420.000000
Run Timer.42=0.620008 18170560.000000
Run Timer.43=0.620008 4425741.000000
Run Timer.44=0.620008 9229598.000000
Run Timer.45=0.620008 137001136.000000
Run Timer.46=0.620008 71969528.000000
Run Timer.47=0.620008 89906656.000000
Run Timer.48=0.620008 135821808.000000
Run Timer.49=0.620008 116492888.000000
Run Timer.50=0.620008 158322960.000000
Run Timer.51=0.620008 17862048.000000
Run Timer.52=0.620008 19292616.000000
Run Timer.53=0.620008 70088048.000000
Run Timer.54=0.620008 67863528.000000
Run Timer.55=0.620008 86902264.000000
Run Timer.56=0.620008 39110948.000000
Run Timer.57=0.620008 138651760.000000
Run Timer.58=0.620008 198855024.000000
Run Timer.59=0.620008 96296304.000000
Run Timer.60=0.620008 6838354.500000
Run Timer.61=0.620008 4024650.250000
Run Timer.62=0.620008 1895456.000000
Run Timer.63=0.620008 2328021.500000
Run Timer.64=0.620008 4056801.750000
Run Timer.65=0.620008 1360295.375000
Run Timer.66=0.620008 4285048.500000
Run Timer.67=0.620008 3332798.000000
Run Timer.68=0.620008 1216400.500000
Run Timer.69=0.620008 24030768.000000
Run Timer.70=0.620008 19128452.000000
Run Timer.71=0.620008 29898388.000000
Run Timer.72=0.620008 32204388.000000
Run Timer.73=0.620008 17136510.000000
Run Timer.74=0.620008 31332190.000000
Run Timer.75=0.620008 19109874.000000
Run Timer.76=0.620008 14649663.000000
Run Timer.77=0.620008 247096000.000000
Run Timer.78=0.620008 126371576.000000
Run Timer.79=0.620008 215127904.000000
Run Timer.80=0.620008 246751488.000000
Run Timer.81=0.620008 168176784.000000
Run Timer.82=0.620008 4420752.500000
Run Timer.83=0.620008 15335077.000000
Run Timer.84=0.620008 43011460.000000
Run Timer.85=0.620008 44212960.000000
Run Timer.86=0.620008 16959816.000000
Run Timer.87=0.620008 53241544.000000
Run Timer.88=0.620008 25373398.000000
Run Timer.89=0.620008 28891058.000000
Run Timer.90=0.620008 41217300.000000
Run Timer.91=0.620008 14697901.000000
Run Timer.92=0.620008 4614920.500000
Run Timer.93=0.620008 5471070.500000
Run Timer.94=0.620008 13824893.000000
Run Timer.95=0.620008 3774292.000000
Run Timer.96=0.620008 1194342.750000
Run Timer.97=0.620008 1518148.125000
Run Timer.98=0.620008 1929611.125000
Run Timer.99=0.620008 1813760.500000
Run Timer.100=0.620008 1953059.375000
Run Timer.101=0.620008 628868.750000
Run Timer.102=0.620008 2136663.750000
Run Timer.103=0.620008 33151480.000000
Run Timer.104=0.620008 31920236.000000
Run Timer.105=0.620008 8167263.000000
Run Timer.106=0.620008 1498153.125000
Run Timer.107=0.620008 1420508.250000
Run Timer.108=0.620008 9186914.000000
Run Timer.109=0.620008 18463542.000000
Run Timer.110=0.620008 3830083.000000
Run Timer.111=0.620008 4205247.500000
Run Timer.112=0.620008 32985434.000000
Run Timer.113=0.620008 22180948.000000
Run Timer.114=0.620008 33198530.000000
Run Timer.115=0.620008 12701189.000000
Run Timer.116=0.620008 33876364.000000
Run Timer.117=0.620008 11019735.000000
Run Timer.118=0.620008 15690960.000000
Run Timer.119=0.620008 35964544.000000
Run Timer.120=0.620008 3405903872.000000
Run Timer.121=0.620008 3026432512.000000
Run Timer.122=0.620008 2650604800.000000
Run Timer.123=0.620008 75016592.000000
Run Timer.124=0.620008 38837928.000000
Run Timer.125=0.620008 61826268.000000
Run Timer.126=0.620008 29899434.000000
Run Timer.127=0.620008 55176880.000000
Run Timer.128=0.620008 64411464.000000
Run Timer.129=0.620008 57872876.000000
Run Timer.130=0.620008 53840532.000000
Run Timer.131=0.620008 57598452.000000
Run Timer.132=0.620008 136027904.000000
Run Timer.133=0.620008 76988952.000000
Run Timer.134=0.620008 113250400.000000
Run Timer.135=0.620008 115470704.000000
Run Timer.136=0.620008 64070008.000000
Run Timer.137=0.620008 64619204.000000
Run Timer.138=0.620008 114949200.000000
Run Timer.139=0.620008 47179140.000000
Run Timer.140=0.620008 111782016.000000
Run Timer.141=0.620008 60399820.000000
Run Timer.142=0.620008 73353312.000000
Run Timer.143=0.620008 164166768.000000
Run Timer.144=0.620008 155810688.000000
Run Timer.145=0.620008 184166496.000000
Run Timer.146=0.620008 53086556.000000
Run Timer.147=0.620008 37775996.000000
Run Timer.148=0.620008 18551320.000000
Run Timer.149=0.620008 17636112.000000
Run Timer.150=0.620008 55963372.000000
Run Timer.151=0.620008 88744808.000000
Run Timer.152=0.620008 97185624.000000
Run Timer.153=0.620008 93207504.000000
Run Timer.154=0.620008 465999360.000000
Run Timer.155=0.620008 23096878.000000
Run Timer.156=0.620008 37230760.000000
Run Timer.157=0.620008 2383654912.000000
Run Timer.158=0.620008 2186925568.000000
Run Timer.159=0.620008 1629949.125000
Run Timer.160=0.620008 51503076.000000
Run Timer.161=0.620008 35371092.000000
Run Timer.162=0.620008 66162048.000000
Run Timer.163=0.620008 76917168.000000
Run Timer.164=0.620008 24606928.000000
Run Timer.165=0.620008 25826560.000000
Run Timer.166=0.620008 31207520.000000
Run Timer.167=0.620008 62191348.000000
Run Timer.168=0.620008 30278950.000000
Run Timer.169=0.620008 39686676.000000
Run Timer.170=0.620008 35406008.000000
Run Timer.171=0.620008 56309832.000000
Run Timer.172=0.620008 49332156.000000
Run Timer.173=0.620008 23078812.000000
Run Timer.174=0.620008 30587280.000000
Run Timer.175=0.620008 67910056.000000
Run Timer.176=0.620008 74362424.000000
Run Timer.177=0.620008 46703712.000000
Run Timer.178=0.620008 59258868.000000
Run Timer.179=0.620008 68786144.000000
Run Timer.180=0.620008 83705696.000000
Run Timer.181=0.620008 74080504.000000
Run Timer.182=0.620008 33519858.000000
Run Timer.183=0.620008 80737128.000000
Run Timer.184=0.620008 63927332.000000
Run Timer.185=0.620008 29170302.000000
Run Timer.186=0.620008 89910680.000000
Run Timer.187=0.620008 35955156.000000
Run Timer.188=0.620008 27503116.000000
Run Timer.189=0.620008 26462398.000000
Run Timer.190=0.620008 27783396.000000
Run Timer.191=0.620008 1755245.125000
Run Timer.192=0.620008 2903930.500000
Run Timer.193=0.620008 2323299.250000
Run Timer.194=0.620008 17067754.000000
Run Timer.195=0.620008 27395436.000000
Run Timer.196=0.620008 11880485.000000
Run Timer.197=0.620008 108351368.000000
Run Timer.198=0.620008 1512444672.000000

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Is there something that you might have changed on your system? Any options in the FMC changed? 

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I still didn'not find the solution. I have very very very few failure, I fly short fly (about 1 hour and half) and I wonder if the failure does not start at the beginning each time. I start my flight with a saved scenario and a saved panel each time (I have no choice because of my configuration, I use a FMC opencokpit with saved windows), the aircraft.ini failure item is saved each time.

In the aircraft the [Failure Items] Run Timer.0=0.620008  4947388.500000 there is two numbers, the first one change at each flight (it seems to be the timer), the second numbers never change even if I change the failure parametre. Is it normal ?

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Your times are very low... 0.620008 is run time in seconds.

Here is a sample from one of my B738 that I fly occasionally:

[Failure Groups]
Run Timer.0=167713.515625
Run Timer.1=167713.515625
Run Timer.2=167713.515625
Run Timer.3=167713.515625
[Failure Items]
Run Timer.0=167713.515625 11750679.000000
Run Timer.1=167713.515625 9182444.000000
Run Timer.2=167713.515625 1826003.625000
Run Timer.3=167713.515625 1983267.250000

In the above sample, that aircraft has accrued 46.6 hours.  I'm not sure why your run time is so low, even an hour should have something greater than 3600 as run time value. 

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Thank you

I play a lot more than few seconds ! strange

I will check this and made some test to see if my run time is correct. If not what to do ? reinstall all the 737 NGX ?

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I notice that run time change only if service based failure is active, otherwise this runtime never change ? is it normal ? does it mean that you need to have it enable to have failure (normally not !) 

Some helps please

edit: I did also a full reinstall of the 737 ngx

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Sounds like it could be normal, afterall the run time only counts if you want MTBF style of events. I've only used service based failures.  The random failure feature is not something I've played with, and there's no reason why it  might work in FSX but not P3D.  I browsed the section in the Introduction on setting up failures and the instructions are pretty straight forward on pg 96.  Having not used this feature, I'm not sure how the aircraft ini file is used for random failures.

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