P3D v4.1 CPU usage with 4790k

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Yes I know, another AffinityMask Thread, but I'm really running out of ideas..

I'm using a 4790k (HT off) and have currently the Problem that Core 1 only has a usage of about 50%. Core 2 and 3 have a few drops as you can see on the screenshot but are basically doing their job. I already tried tons of AffinityMask Configurations, but they only made things worse or moved this behaviour to another Core.

Below is a Screenshot of P3D v4.1 running without any AffinityMask configured.


Is this behaviour "normal" or does anyone know how I can max out all Cores?

Thank you in Advance!

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Yes, that distribution of workload looks normal.  I think video rendering threads run on the second core (core 1), core 0 is the main simulation core, and cores 2-3 are predominantly texture loading threads.  Also, P3Dv4 seems to use HT to more beneficial effect than its predecessor versions...on my 7700K I have HT on with an AM of 245 (11110101)

Overclocking that 4790K would help considerably.  I still have a 4790K machine that I used for simming (now relegated to FPS games and such), and it overclocked easily to 4.8GHz.  I've found that jacking the CPU up as high as possible, in combination with moving CPU-intensive sliders (autogen, scenery complexity, AI traffic etc) back so that the core 0 process sits at 90% or less really helps smooth things out.  With CPU utilization pegged at 100%, there's no headroom to absorb spikes in workload without stutters or drops in FPS.  I also run with vsync on and a 30Hz 4K TV, so the CPU isn't loaded up attempting to produce frames at a rate above the refresh rate.



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Looks normal to me when running at locked FPS in P3D settings. Core 0 almost all the time at 100%.  If I set it to unlimited FPS core 0 is no more at 100% and more loads are on other cores.


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Thank you very much for your answers

@Mikelab6 FPS are currently set to unlimited. If I set them to e.g. 30, I get massive FPS Drops

@w6kd My current Setup unfortunately is not really overclockable. I'm currently saving to upgrade the MB / CPU and RAM.

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1 minute ago, eXpress48 said:

My current Setup unfortunately is not really overclockable. I'm currently saving to upgrade the MB / CPU and RAM.

Not sure what benefit HT off gives you with the CPU running at stock speed. 

If you get a chance, try HT on with AM=245 or 253.  It most likely won't make a difference in frame rates, but may well smooth out texture loading.  Won't cost anything but a few minutes of your time...


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