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  1. The P3D version of the PMDG 737 (aka the PMDG NGXu) is a separate product that must be purchased independent of the FSX version. And no, there is no discount or other upgrade path for users of the FSX version.
  2. I use a combination of Orbx FTX Global for texture replacement, Orbx OpenLC for landclass and Ultimate Terrain for vector data (coastlines, roads, waterways, etc). Orbx Vector has been a mixed bucket of worms for a long time, and as I understand it the version that runs with v5 is partially-disabled. If you like having to fiddle with lots of niggling elevation issues at airports, Orbx Vector is for you. Terrain enhancement requires a mesh add-on, as mentioned above. And I have yet to see a mesh add-on that does not induce a lot of elevation issues as well, as most airport add-ons are generally built upon the stock mesh. The added butt pain of having to mess with elevation at my 325+ add-on airports led me to forego add-on mesh the last couple of installs (P3Dv4 and P3Dv5), and I really don't miss the hassles.
  3. Sometimes "rolling back" a driver using the Microshaft-supplied tool does not remove or revert all the components of the graphics subsystem that were changed with the driver install. I'd recommend trying an ultra-clean install by removing the driver, running the latest version of DDU in safe mode, then do a fresh installation of the older driver. Usually updating drivers to a newer version is pretty safe without needing a clean install, but going back to earlier versions is historically more problematic.
  4. LOWI works fine in V5...it's also listed as v5 compatible on the Orbx website.
  5. As I recall, overclocking it did require taking it out of the box. 😜
  6. Yup...very stable, and very easy to do the overclock. 10 physical cores at 5.2 really does carry the mail.
  7. I can only speak to the Maximus XII Hero...it was my first choice and has proven itself to be a rock-solid board with the 10900K.
  8. I'd start by pulling the autogen/scenery draw distance, autogen vegetation density, and LOD radius all back at least one notch, then see how that goes and adjust from there.
  9. I'd look at your LOD radius and autogen settings, as heavy autogen hits the CPU pretty hard. Both autogen and heavy AI traffic could be issues in a high-density area like Shanghai, especially with the sliders set too high.
  10. Circular logic here. If I think something is a bad bet, I don't go out and buy some just so I can prove my point. It is the case that I don't have any because I'm against it, not that I'm against it because I don't have any. And the term "investment" is being misused here...placing bets on something based on other than its intrinsic value is gambling, not investing. And yes, many (most) stocks right now are in gambling territory as well. My recent favorite is Home Deli International Inc, a single-store delicatessen in NJ that has had annual revenue of ~$75,000, but whose (OTC) market cap as of a couple weeks ago was around $100 million. It's insane...no, belay that, people are insane.
  11. The more things change, the more they remain the same. I'm reminded of a book written in the 1840s by Charles Mackay...Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, a recounting of the mid-1600s Tulip mania in Holland. Maybe Bitcoins should have a fancy tulip embossed on the back side...
  12. Au contraire...if you look at the nose of a USAF VC-25A (aka Air Force One when the president is aboard), there's a prominent bump just forward of the pilots' windows. That's a UARRSI (universal air refueling receptacle slipway installation) for air refueling receiver operations.
  13. Wunderbar...it's sorta like having a dentist's appointment for a double root canal.
  14. I assigned my default sound device to the nVidia HD sound, and my P3D sounds to my main sound device, a Creative XFi sound board. Since the "ducking" issue applies only to the default sound device, it does not affect the sim any longer. The usual fixes did not work for me, like what's SUPPOSED to work in Win 10 by going into Sound -> Communications and selecting "Do nothing" Regards
  15. Could be an issue with an add-on that's part of a larger package. I'd highly recommend the free P3D Addon Manager from Lorby-SI. It gives you much better visibility on what's going on in your config, and has a lot of useful tools as well.
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