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  1. A subject I think that is rapidly coming into the forefront along with the PMDG B747-8 release, is where on a virtual airfield do we park a massively outsized jet like the B748, and how do you make that work in the many places where there is currently no suitable parking spot already defined for such a behemoth? The B747-8 is not just a B747-400 with better engines and newer electronics. It's also sporting a new wing (a larger version of the B787 wing), and the fuselage has been extended another 18.3 ft (5.6m) in length as well, so the airplane has grown from an already large wingspan of 200 ft (61m) to 225 ft (68.6m), and the length is now a whopping 250 ft (76.2m)--11 ft longer than an already super-sized A380. So in P3D, you'll need a parking spot with a radius of at least 38.3m to park it. And you'll quickly discover that there often aren't a lot of--or ANY--parking options of that size on many add-on airports, including at some major cargo hubs. And some parking spots that the ADE defines as large enough, on closer examination are positioned so that your wing is in the fence, or through a building, or there's literally no room for a pushback without hitting something. To deal with this (I've been systematically attacking this problem for the B777F and B744F for some time now), I keep a spreadsheet on my side computer with all my addons listed, and any time I get ready to fly a leg with a large jet, I check to see if I've already got a spot identified and set up that's suitable for the flight (pax/cargo, carrier-specific if needed etc). If so...I use that, if not, then I fire up Jon Masterson's (Scruffyduck) ADE program and check for suitable parking spots large enough for the airplane in use (32.5 m for the B744F/B772F and now 38.5m for the B748). I then start the sim with the largest intended acft, which as of yesterday became the B748, and then fine-tune positioning on the spot with the customizations available in GSX, which allows you to locate exactly where on the spot the jet should park and where the ground support equipment is positioned. Once that's saved, I annotate that in the spreadsheet for next time I'm there, to avoid having to do this every time. If there are no suitably-sized options in the ADE, and you use GSX for parking and ground services as I do, it allows you to easily redefine the parking spot radius in the customizations, so using that there's no requirement to modify and recompile the airport file (aka ADE or AFCAD)...and GSX customizations can be done in real time if you forgot to prep for it or just don't want to be that organized about it. It's better to have it set up beforehand so that the block-in crew is ready and waiting as you taxi in. As a more complicated alternative, you can also use ADE to modify the airport file by increasing the parking spot size. Of course in all cases you'll need to put the jet on the spot and look around to make sure that the jet would be clear of acft and equipment on adjacent parking spots, buildings, taxiing acft, etc...it's not always just as simple as setting a new size on any given spot you want to use. At airports that get a lot of use (KMEM and KSDF, for example), I'll consider removing parking spots around the preferred spot from the ADE so that I don't get wing overlap or my service vehicles driving through the adjacent acft...and another technique is to set the spot up in GSX and then dramatically reduce the size of your preferred spot in the airport file so that AI acft will never be occupying "your spot" when you arrive. All that said, some airfields, it turns out, just aren't suitable. It takes a really big ramp to park a jet that's 40% wider than a football field and nearly as long, and some airports--even some fairly large busy ones--just don't have that kind of open space. Better to know before you go, however. Maybe one day we'll be able to get back to those fields with a mid-sized cargo option for P3Dv4, like a B757F or an A300. Regards
  2. w6kd

    PMDG 747-8 Being released today

    The topic of the thread, the imminent release of the add-on, is now in the history books, so that'll be a wrap for this thread.
  3. The remote CDUs connected right up and seem to work just fine with the -8. The EFB...that, I think, would be a real challenge, since you'd have to pretty much stream the whole screen bitmap down to the remote device, rather than just a relative few text characters. Regards
  4. w6kd

    Do you use triple buffering?

    Yes. It's best used in conjunction with VSync.
  5. This may or may not be related...I was getting a very long hang (like 5-12 minutes) at FSDT JFK2, which turned out to be caused by having both utLive and the default traffic bgl both active at once. Apparently, when I installed the v4.3 content and scenery updates, one of them replaced the trafficAircraft.bgl file that I had disabled/renamed as part of the utLive installation process to turn the default traffic off. Once I disabled that file again (by adding a .off to the end of the filename), the hangs stopped. If it's the same problem, watch your CPU loads...on mine the logical processors associated with scenery and terrain loading plus the main thread on LP0 all firewalled at 100% while this was happening. The hangs were also much longer if the jet was pointed in the general direction of LaGuardia. Regards
  6. With regards to the Warthog, I think most of the guys experiencing the sticking issue are the ones using the stick for combat sims, with many hours of aggressive rapid-input maneuvering. Even were it to become an issue, worse case is you take out some screws, do a partial disassembly, and lubricate it. I've had mine for almost 6 years (got it in Dec 2012, just looked up the order) and it has gotten relatively light use with FSX and then P3D. No stiction problems. But...in all fairness, most other mechanical devices I own and use need occasional cleaning and/or lubrication, too, so I don't consider the possibility of eventually doing some maintenance work as a real problem. Good luck deciding
  7. I like water cooling. I've used custom water loops on my primary sim PC for a decade now. My answer to potential leaks is to mount most of the cooling loop--pump, radiator(s), reservoir--outside the PC case in a separate enclosure, with the cooling block(s) and their associated connectors as the only potential leak sources in the case. With careful attention to proper fit and tightening of good quality barbs and clamps, I've never leaked so much as a drop into the case. In addition to the superior cooling and near dead silence, it's also nice to not have to sweat the fit of a ginormous air cooling fin block atop the motherboard, wondering if it's gonna crowd the RAM or stick out too far for the side cover on the case. I now also use a Corsair H110i on the 2600K that once was my flight sim box two generations ago, and now serves as my general-use PC. Haven't had any issues with it, and it's served well for over 3 years now. But I wouldn't want it mounted over a bunch of expensive new components, factory-sealed or not. Regards
  8. w6kd

    Aerosoft Sale

    The EU can make laws requiring its own citizens to pay and their businesses to collect a VAT...but as far as their ability to make enforceable laws imposing any sort of duty upon foreign nationals located outside the EU to do their collection work for them, well, good luck with that. As I recall, we yanks fought and won a war about 235 years ago, a long bloody war which started in large part over the very issue of taxmen working for a foreign power named George III chasing our countrymen. Dang, now I have this vision of thousands of Aerosoft scenery CDs floating next to a container ship in Boston Harbor... 😉 The argument about the effects of online sales on brick-and-mortar stores isn't really pertinent to downloadable software...it's not like there's an at-risk local download shop with a storefront and a guy sitting there answering the phone. Physical goods are different. BTW, does the company in the banner on your signature collect sales tax from their US customers? (Hint--no, they do not) Surely you don't think that makes them less than scrupulous? Regards
  9. w6kd

    Aerosoft Sale

    No, I don't think that's correct about VAT/sales tax collection across the pond. I don't know of any strictly US-based retailers collecting VAT for the EU, nor do I know of any EU-based retailers collecting US sales tax. Now, if your company has presence in both venues, or you use a billing service located in the other or both venues, the rules may well change. I don't think that a US retailer selling downloads to EU customers without collecting VAT is at all unscrupulous, just as the large european software houses sell to US customers without collecting sales tax. Regards
  10. Suggestive, not conclusive. Like Dave outlines above, I also run unlimited fps, with vsync on and a 30Hz monitor, so I'd surmise that the vsync is having the same effect as a soft frame rate limit. No blurries. For the OP, if you're running GSX, make sure you have run Live Update within the last day or so. There was a bug causing the kind of issue you're describing, particularly on systems with a lot of installed sceneries. Regards
  11. Hmmmm...but what if the texture replacement does not replace all of the default textures, but just a subset? Will P3D find a default texture if there is an overriding external reference for the texture directory and no replacement for that texture file there? Regards
  12. There are some major exceptions to this, however. The biggest that comes to mind would be texture-replacement products like ORBX FTX Global or Ground Environment X, which overwrite default textures in the sim with their own enhanced versions, so such software can't just be activated or deactivated by manipulating the active status in an xml. It might be feasible to create independent environments on separate drives using the same paths...but some software also looks at the volume ID on the drive as well as the pathname...no idea if P3D is one of those. There are utilities that can duplicate a volume ID, at least the soft portion of it, but each physical drive also has a unique hardware serial number. If that's the solution of choice (and it works), the environments could be swapped out simply by redesignating the drive letters (e.g. drive "P" is the path for the sim, so to swap rename the current drive to "S:" and rename the other drive to "P:" to make it the active environment. Cheers
  13. w6kd

    Blurries out of nowhere

    FWIW, I traced the cause of this issue on my system to having the TrafficAircraft.bgl in scenery\world\scenery reinstalled without my knowledge, probably when I did the Content or Scenery module upgrade to v4.3. Having that bgl active together with UtLive and GSX v1 caused the hang at 36%, but only at JFK. Disabling it (again) solved the hang. I had renamed it to TrafficAircraft.bgl.off when I installed UtLive back on P3D v4.1. Really odd, this one, as my traffic sliders were all set to zero. Regards
  14. w6kd

    Transition to Prepar3D

    Welcome to AVSIM. Alan pretty well summed it up, and with that I'm going to lock this thread. Regards
  15. w6kd

    Blurries out of nowhere

    I've been doing some tinkering with AM, and I saw the same...with no AM. LP 0 and 1 are never loaded up together...it's one or the other, and on occasion shared, but not more than 100% between the two, which suggests to me that P3D is only spawning threads from the main process on core 0 and the OS is doing its thing managing the threads on the two LPs associated with that core. For Steve...is it possible P3D v4.3 is doing something new w/r/t affinity? Regards