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  1. Do you remember a guy named Martin Luther King?
  2. You used the "Insert other media" -> "Insert image from URL" (button at bottom right of edit window)? It looks like the images were added using the insert link tool.
  3. Yes, I think so. Tell you what, I'll move it there for you.
  4. The Screen Shots forum is probably the wrong place to ask this question.
  5. I don't think I can, in a practical sense, separate my highly-paid and omnisciently wise AVSIM persona from my personal one just by using a different user account. 😉 It'd be a purely artificial distinction. I'm walking a fine line best I can. If I had to decide between giving up my ability to participate here and giving up my responsibilities as the forums admin, it'd be the latter. You, unlike some others, seem to understand that it's a constant challenge. If my judgement calls don't meet with the approval of some, I can look in the mirror and live with that. Now with regards to your status as a springbutt, well no, I reserve that term for people that jump up and go off like a cheap firecracker at the first mention of something that makes them uncomfortable. You seem to possess the ability to consider what I actually wrote, and not just what you think I wrote.
  6. Yeah, the posts I am referring to are now gone...like one guy that demanded (twice) that I step down as a moderator, and another calling my FISA post "Fox News 4chan talking points", etc.
  7. I went to great lengths, and I've really done all I can to carefully scrub out *any* reference to specific people, political entities, intentions, etc when I brought FISA into the discussion. But when we approach a topic about trusting government to create a new and highly intrusive surveillance system to fight COVID-19, FISA and its failings are absolutely relevant, and outside the context of current politics. I am talking about the demonstrated danger of surveillance systems and our unwise reliance on vulnerable safeguards, not any particular case. Several of the springbutts here apparently convulsed into full grand mal snowflakelepsy seizures at the mere mention of FISA, which I consider to be grossly unfair. If there is a more relevant example and case study in surveillance system vulnerabilities than FISA, I don't know what it would be.
  8. "We", the collective "we", have had to decide many times over history whether it was worth risking our safety for our freedoms and liberties. If "we" ever do decide that answer is no, I suggest that "we" and the grand experiment that is America are finished.
  9. The safeguards placed into the FISA system failed. I am not going to get into who dunnit, why they dunnit, etc--that's politics. But its clear from recent events that the identity masking safeguards that were codified in 50 USC 36 cannot be relied upon. It's a systemic failure of the safeguard, and one that is eminently foreseeable. You don't assign security for the henhouse to a fox. Any fox.
  10. Couldn't agree more, though many of us that do recognize that risk don't hang our personal lives out there quite so freely. The fact that our information gets put out there by others that we are essentially required to deal with makes it that much harder. Case in point, having HIPAA information shared with the public health dept by the health care providers, and then having them in turn share that with law enforcement.
  11. I find myself wondering when the New Hampshire flag will be changed to a red banner with a yellow streak up the middle, with the words "Live Free or Die" replaced with "Do What You're Told" We've already seen that creating an invasive intelligence apparatus designed to collect information that violates our most basic privacy expectations (FISA) can be, has been, and will be abused. Any safeguards put in place to placate those concerned and to ensure "proper and limited" use are nothing but an illusion when those safeguards are placed into the very same hands of the powerful elite that would be doing the abusing in the first place. My best friend is a retired cop. He went through a gang policing course where the instructor asked rhetorically: "how do you kill a Tyrannasaurus Rex?" The answer was "in the egg, before it hatches". If you permit it to exist, it will rapidly grow to where you have no means to control it, and it will eat you and yours at the first opportunity. Same goes here with personal surveillance in a world rife with corruption and nonaccountability...kill the monster now while it's just an idea or it will eat all of us.
  12. It's not just India. Back before the wall came down and they closed Berlin Templehof we used to fly the German Chancellor into Berlin in the C-20A (USAF Gulfstream III) when he needed to go there since only the US, France, UK, and Russia--the four original signatories to the surrender agreement--were allowed to operate state aircraft in the Berlin Corridor. The ILS at EDDI put you right between apartment buildings so close I swore I was going to end up picking some Hausfrau's laundry off the balcony rail with my winglets. The CVR and DFDR are going to tell the real story on the PIA crash. It's hard to imagine a trained crew flying through all the warnings to a gear-up landing...I'd think it more likely they either got behind and decided to go around and try again, or something else happened to force a go around, and then maybe they pulled up the gear too early and ended up touching down gear-up during the go around. Those skid marks and the deployed RAT tell a pretty ugly tale...it's likely that the rest of the story is just as ugly.
  13. Hey, we've already solved this problem. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) protects Americans who have their communications intercepted incidental to legal wiretapping of foreigners...their names are masked in the reporting and kept secret to ensure that our intelligence apparatus cannot be used to spy on our own people. You can rest easy knowing that you are protected by the law. I'm sure that any surveillance done for as good a cause as public health would be done with the same kind of trusted safety mechanisms in place. Oh, wait a minute...
  14. I try to keep around 10 nanoseconds of distance. Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, one of the early pioneers of computing, came to speak to my USAF Squadron Officer's School class back when I was a young captain in the mid-80s. She would hand out "nanoseconds" to members of the audience...optical fiber segments cut to the length light travels through the fiber in a nanosecond (~30 cm, or just under a foot). She was a great speaker...not a snore was to be heard in the auditorium we dubbed "the Big Blue Bedroom." 😀
  15. Really? And who would that be?? There were announcements from some of the best scenery developers (Flightbeam, FSDreamteam, FlyTampa, et al) that they were dropping further development for 32-bit sims, which means FSX, FSX-SE, and P3D v3 and earlier, and moving forward only on 64-bit P3Dv4 and up. PMDG and FSLabs have, likewise, announced sunsetting of their 32-bit products with all continuing development focused on the 64-bit platforms. I've seen nothing from the real players in the development community announcing abandonment of P3D in favor of the still unproven MSFS platform. For the OP--for years we endured generation after generation of big improvements in PC hardware--faster CPUs, more cores, faster storage, massively faster GPUs--and FSX was unable to take advantage of much of it. P3D brought us the ability to actually put those big improvements in hardware horsepower to beneficial use, and quite importantly did away with the 4GB RAM limitations that were crippling further advancement of mo-faster-better FSX addons. P3D has a no-questions-asked 14-day money back guarantee, so you can try it, and if it doesn't do it for you, you're out nothing. You can also buy a month-to-month developer's license which would allow a longer trial for the stifling cost of $10/month. You could buy P3Dv4 that way and use it for a few months wile you wait for P3Dv5 to mature and work out most of the growing pains. Lots of add-ons are compatible with both v4 and v5.
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