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Captain Kevin

Road Rage

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Oh, this brings back a memory!  When I flew from Denver into Jackson Hole on a UAL flight, I was the last off the aircraft, I like sitting in the back row.  After all, I am Italian, we sit with our backs to the wall.  As I walked up the aisle there was this huge crash from the right, I was thrown into the armrest of one of the aisle seats.  I looked out and I saw some very consternated ramp agents.  They drove the baggage carrier into the fuselage.  So I exited, walking just a little bit, and I was waiting for my colleague to fly in on another flight. 

The plane was supposed to fly back to Denver with the outbound pax, but they feared the fuse had been compromised.  So they just flew the aircraft back to Denver with the Pilots on Oxygen, just in case, while the pax waited for a replacement aircraft.  I was bored silly, waiting for my colleague to fly in, so I decided to heck with it, might as well flirt with the check-in agents.

I walked up there, rubbing my neck, and said I was hurt on the plane, I am going to sue.  They loved it, they joked with me about it and said I was making it all up.  When I flew out of Jackson Hole a week later they were still joking with me about it.  When I fly, because I fly so often, I like to put the TSA, gate agents, ramp agents, and check-in agents at ease.  I worked behind a customer counter for years and worked in security before I entered the computer realm, I know how hard that can be.  Make them smile, please, they work their keesters off.

I researched the accident online and found no record of it whatsoever.  It happened in the fall of 1999, right after my daughter was born.  Cannot remember the flight number anymore.  I guess you could write it off to road rage, just like your cool video.



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On 11/12/2017 at 0:19 PM, HighBypass said:

LOL! Nice find Kevin! :cool:

I don't know if find would be the right word to use, I was looking for the catering trucks when they did that.

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