Carenado B-1900D Manuals

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I have posted this in the form of a reply to a question down on the unofficial Carenado support page, but since I have seen this question many times before, I thought it might be ok to also put it here.

The question is "Where can I find manuals for the Carenado Beech B-1900D"?

I have the latest download for FSX/P3D. The file I downloaded is called and I tthink it is the latest one. I am running P3Dv4.1 and the plane loads and runs well in this program.

There is a file created in the main root file of P3D called Carenado. Open it and you will se the file called B1900D. Open it and you will see 10, in my case, Adobe Acrobat files:

Recommended Settings; Electronic vertical speed indicator; Copyrights; CarenadoGNS530 Users Guide; B1900D Performance Tables; B1900D Normal Procedures; B1900D Flight Management System; B1900D Emergency Procedures; B1900D Electronic Flight Information System; Avidyne Multifunction Display

I am just starting to use this plane, so I do not know if everything works as it should, but so far so good.

I have never flown a real one, but this looks like a lot of information to me, so maybe everything you need can be found here?

Hope this helps.

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The manuals are not the most thorough and comprehensive manuals ever developed for an aircraft but then, I like it like that.  PMDG has comprehensive manuals but it's a lot of reading.  I did not buy a Carenado aircraft to spend hours reading a manual.  The information provided by Carenado is basic for all aircraft.  The neat stuff is when the "experts" provide us with videos showing step by step instructions on how to fly the aircraft.  Here's a YouTube site with several videos on how to startup, program the flight plan, how to takeoff, cruise, get on the approach phase and land -  I like the panel reference display on the Carenado site - this aircraft.  This also have videos -

I Googled the Carenado Beech B-1900D and there are even more tutorials, checklists, and guides for operating this aircraft.  I think you will find this is the case for every aircraft Carenado sells and one of the great things with our flight simulation community.  They like to help!!

Hope this helps!


Best regards,


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Wish I was still flying the 1900, as I could have given you a bunch of stuff. Although, I can answer any questions you might have pertaining to the aircraft itself!

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