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  1. Chris Crawford

    Exciting approaches

    The circle-to-land runway 27 at Telluride was always my favorite approach
  2. Chris Crawford

    de Havilland Venom Crash: RIP Marty Tibbetts

    I think I saw that aircraft doing laps in the pattern around PTK the other week. Sad, indeed. RIP
  3. Chris Crawford

    Roll in speed at the gate

    In real life, you'll be taxiing in at a walking pace and the marshal will keep motioning you to move forward, barely start to bring his arms up... then at the last second, will close his wands and you'll slam on the brakes. So honestly, for a real life operation, just continue at normal walking pace till the last second 😛
  4. Chris Crawford

    Feelthere E135/145 released for P3D v4

    The Feelthere 145 is a pretty good simulation of the actual bird. For 25 bucks, I think its very much worth it, dated textures and all...
  5. Chris Crawford

    Hey armchair captains, is this Really our Dream Job ?

    I enjoy it more than I don't. It gets very stressful at times... especially when you get an ACARS message that says "contact crew scheduling upon arrival".
  6. Chris Crawford

    Identify the aircraft type please

    Feelthere makes a good one for FSX. Doesn't work for P3Dv4 though. It's pretty accurate in most aspects and the FMS is almost on-par with the real thing, minus ACARS features. Flight characteristics are quite spot-on also. The graphics are the only thing that could use some work (it's a pretty old add-on), as well as some of the FADEC logic. I definitely recommend it though!
  7. Chris Crawford

    Any good LearJets for V4?

    The FSW 35 is pretty decent. There are some things that aren't correct when it comes to how the real aircraft operates, but for the price, it's a great addon. My biggest pet-peeve is how it needs a ton of power to even inch it forward on the ground. Haven't tried the aforementioned Lear 25, but I hear great things about it.
  8. Chris Crawford

    Carenado B-1900D Manuals

    Wish I was still flying the 1900, as I could have given you a bunch of stuff. Although, I can answer any questions you might have pertaining to the aircraft itself!
  9. Chris Crawford

    Routes without SID's: Procedures

    You will always get some sort of departure at a large airport. For example, in Denver, you will get the DEN9, which is a radar vectors departure. So, they'll tell you something like "Cleared to X via the DEN9 departure, radar vectors GLL, then as filed. Climb and maintain 10,000, expect FL250 after 10 minutes". One getting clearance for takeoff, the controller will give you an assigned heading to fly. The radar vectors departures will never show on Flightaware. They'll only show the first fix you're going to fly to
  10. Chris Crawford

    Holding the Centerline

    The centerline is important, especially with larger aircraft!
  11. Chris Crawford

    Realism Comparison: Carenado Twin Turboprops.

    I can confirm the 1900 is nowhere near the real thing.
  12. Chris Crawford

    [POLL] What do you think PMDG will do next?

    Bring back the Beech 1900! A guy can only wish, right?? Haha
  13. Chris Crawford

    A few pictures from my adventures..

    Yeah, the Carenado is wrong with quite a lot of stuff haha. Would be great having a study level 1900D, that's for sure. I love flying the plane, especially ours. No autopilot or GPS- so its nothing but old-school, seat of the pants flying! I couldn't ask for a better flying experience for my first airline gig. Thanks for the complements!
  14. Chris Crawford

    A few pictures from my adventures..

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone!
  15. Sunrise in Pueblo, CO Somewhere over California Wyoming (aka Planet Hoth) Somewhere over the Rockies Lake Powell Grand Canyon Me riding in style in PHX (lol) Nice little lenticular cloud over the Rockies Departing Page, AZ (taken by a ramper) That groundspeed is a big deal for a B1900! Over AZ Thanks for looking! Follow your dreams and blue skies to everyone!