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Hi all, I plan to make a fresh install of my p3d4 and I need some advise please. I will use a new SSD Drive exclusively for the simulator other than the operating system win 10 pro.

Addons like Ezdok, As16, Asca, what Drive should they install?

Shall I install as admin? Please Advise


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Hey Geo.  You'll get a variety of opinions, but SSDs don't suffer from data access bottlenecks like physical hard drives do since they are direct access solid state chips.  Not sure if you'd ever notice any performance issues if you had everything on one SSD.  I currently have all gaming related applications (including P3D and all it's various third party apps and content) on a separate SSD from the OS, but honestly, that's only because I always did that with physical hard drives.  I'm sure there are some more knowledgable folks that will weigh-in on the pros and cons, but I don't see any substantial benefits to separate SSDs anymore.

As for Admin rights, I install all software with elevated rights.

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Use the default path for AS16 and ASCA.  It will install to the Program Files (x86) location and place their simconnect modules according to where you have installed P3D.  Best to keep it simple, makes it easier to look for problems when they arise and ensures that updates from HiFi work as intended.

I agree with Doug, of course. The only technical reason to put something on a different drive is for space considerations.  It is pretty easy to eat up 750 GB drive now days..., just my download folder for my flight simulator is 80 GB so I have a slightly different scheme from what you are planning but it is not better or worse, just different.

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Thank you guys very much, because my main SSD Drive with the op system is not big I will use the new one for the p3d. Have so many sceneries so I need to know the correct way to get it right because it takes many days to get it ready.


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