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GSX push back

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I recently posted about problems i was having with MCE and GSX pushback, but haven't yet received a reply, so i was wondering if users of GSX could post the voice commands and technique that they use to get the push back with voice command only.

  Much appreciated

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Ok. I am now on P3dv4. Still on W7, the old faithful.

My procedure is to establish contact with ground mechanic, then request pushback with the required direction.

E.g. "Ground from flight deck".

Go ahead, what can I do for you Captain.

" Mechanic pushback to the left/right"

Please wait for tow truck to be attached.

GSX tow truck called from GSX windows selection, automatically called by MCE. However....

Alas that was back on P3dv3.

Now in P3dv4, after "mechanic pushback to the left/right", I get inconsistent results. Mostly a Coatle crash, occasionally a GSX window and because it's winter and I am flying with AS 4 and full weather bells and whistles on, in the northern hemisphere, orders to stand by for de icing. Then nothing?

I even had a AES push tug try to push me at Aerosoft Zurich and most bizarrely, an invisible push from an invisible tug....like I had hit Shift + p?

Long story short, I now end up using Ctrl + F12, GSX window and key in the push back request. Then, either have de ice at the gate or pushback and at the pushback completion, I can start the engines. 

This is in P3dv4, which has caused me problems with RC4 from the get go? But that's another story! 

P3dv4 seems to do something strange with the working of windows. I have lost some confidence in my particular system. I have an anti virus program that does things to files in spite of my attempts to put everything in the exclusion folder. So YMMV.

Anyway that's my story.:huh:




David Herky

You Tube at:-


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Thanks Charlie,

   Yes, i'm getting the same inconsistent results with push back direction with FSX. Sometimes the options menu stays up long enough for me to click the direction i want to go in, other times it just flashes up and makes a selection. I did notice that when i say 'mechanic commence push back to the left' mce is hearing 'tail left' from the red text, which i now consider when making push back request...also use 'commence' rather than 'start' as MCE will some times hear 'stop' instead of 'start' The strangest thing is that sometimes the mechanic will attach the pin, walk away from the aircraft and then won't do anything...can't get the push back to start and have to abort and start again. Ah well, i'll use the key menu, not the end of the world. Voice recognition has greatly improved, and (touch wood) not getting any more loss of communication with the first officer so much enjoying using MCE with especially with the Aerosoft Airbus.


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