Air Hauler 2 Creating New Bases within the same company

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I am new to this software!
I would like to know if several bases can be Created-Open withing the same company. When I did open the a new company for the first same, I did not know how to continue adding some more (like in different locations). That was it!
Is there a way to add additional bases to an existing company with the default base airplane or perhaps with another type of airplane?
I've tried almost everything I could but I was unable to add any additional base(s) to the database. My question is, within AIR HAULER2, can companies have more than one base in different airports locations? And if so, how does one do that?
Please I need you help. The User Guide did not help me with this issue.

Many thanks. George


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To open a new base, you need to have one of your fleet aeroplanes at that location, and to do that so Air Hauler recognises your aeroplane is at that location, you'll either have to fly a cargo or passenger flight to that airport and land there so that Air Hauler knows that your aeroplane is there, or have one of your AI pilot employees do that, or fly one of your aeroplanes there specifically for the purpose of having it located at that airport so you can open a base there. So...

Go to your Air Hauler Company Information tab, then select Fleet and then highlight one of your company's aeroplanes. Now you will see the options to Fly this Aircraft (self) and Position this Aircraft (AI). Choose one of those and then pick the airport where you want a new base as your destination for the flight, then if it is an AI flight, simply wait until your AI pilot gets the aeroplane to that location, or if you are flying the flight yourself, take the aeroplane there yourself. Either way, once Air Hauler knows one of your company's aeroplanes is at that location, you will be able to open a base there providing you have enough money to do so.

Note that new bases take a day or two to be constructed, so you will have to wait for that to be completed before it can become an operational base.

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29 minutes ago, Chock said:

new bases take a day or two to be constructed, ....

A lot quicker than Heathrow's 3rd runway!! :dry: :biggrin:

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