PMDG or FSL for VR

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Just looking for some feedback from anyone who has used either one of these in VR.  I am considering getting a heavy.  Things that are important to me are:

1) VR usability/practicality (possibly Pop up windows)

2) System documentation for learning the systems. 

3) In sim performance

4) Control configurability

If anyone has used either of these in VR, I would love to hear their experiences.  I have pretty much used A2A GA, L049 and Texan and have started to flirt with the Majestic Q400 and have been very pleased with it.  If there is a particular PMDG model I would be interested in that as well.

I have a 6850K at 4.2 GHz and a 1080 for the video card.  I have most of ORBXs scenery and run AS16/ASCA in P3DV4.  For traffic I have been using MT6 but and considering UTL for its reported performance improvement.

Any input especially from a VR perspective is appreciated even if that experience is to stay away from either of these in VR




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PMDG 737 looks amazing in VR (especially the HUD movement in VC).  It feels so real to sit inside, what an experience. Q400 is amazing too.

PMDG 777 Sucks in VC design - there are so many flat 2d images in the cockpit, for example overhead lights are flat.  Yes, they look decent on 2D monitor (they did this during the time of release to save VAS)...but VAS issue is forever gone.  Don't get me wrong the VC is huge, and you get to feel on how big the 777 is but for me, I dislike Boeing brown interior and I dislike seeing 2D images all over the VC.

PMDG 747 and DC-6 - I have no idea as I do not own these could be better in VC also...(I will get these later this year)


I don't know about FSLabs - but it looks very exciting bird; equivalent to pmdg 737 (I have never owned FSlabs products, so I have no clue on how support and long term plans are..others in here can chime).


Now Popups is manged by Flyinside VR if you need them.  I have been off VR for few months, as I am learning my pmdg 737 aircraft, and I need to open the pdf documents open just to learn on what the heck is happening.


Try the PMDG 737 P3D or the 747.  Rumor has it new 737 MAX will be out in P3D (it could be end of 2018 or one knows and please don't ask PMDG for it...but clues have been dropped).  737 is amazing VR experience.  It is a very fascinating airplane.  I have hardly used my 777 (last use was April 2017...pmdg 737...all the time).


Your hardware is slightly better than mine (your video card is excellent), and I get good performance with i7-5820K at 4.4ghz and 980 GTX.




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Thanks Skywolf, especially for the heads up on the 2D images in the 777

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My experience on the PMDGs is really good, all of them. The FSLabs has two problems, first the performance and second the smaller fonts used on the screens. I use it all the time, but the PMDGs, especially the NGX with its very helpful HUD, are better for VR flying.

The best of all on the P3D front, imho, is the Majestic Dash 8. The performance is amazing and the cockpit is generally very pleasant to use in the 3D environment (the HUD also helps a lot)!

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