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Upgrade P3d V4.1 To V4.2 Problem

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Yesterday I downloaded the full V4.2 zip. After backing up my V4.1 to another drive. This morning I ran the V4.2 installer. The message said the install went successfully. When I ran P3d it rebuilt some files and loaded fine. When I checked the Version in the Help tab it said it was V4.1. Ran the V4.2 installer again to the repair option. Still V4.1. This afternoon I uninstalled from Windows control panel. In there it showed the version as V4.2. I still uninstalled it. Ran control panel again it was gone. But the P3d V4.1 complete was still on my HD and worked fine.

At this point I don't know what to do.


Bill McCracken

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Hello Bill

If you are Installing or reinstalling the same major version of Prepar3D, Example: v2 \ v3 \ v4  You must First Uninstall\Deactivate Prepar3D and then proceed with the new Install.

Don't worry about Prepar3D no longer being present in Control Panel,  What you see in the Control Panel is just a simple Tex entry in the registry editor.

Now Uninstall Prepar3D v4.1 by running the Setup_Prepar3D.exe from your v4.1 download folder,  Run the Installer and Click Uninstall 

Try that and let me know how you get on 

Elaine Dixon 

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Ok, Thanks for the quick reply. I'll try that and let you know how it goes. Why wouldn't Lockheed include this in the Uninstall/Reinstall document that I followed to do the upgrade.


Bill McCracken

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Scroll to the bottom of the document Bill, it describes using Control Panel to Uninstall the Client (or all components for a full uninstall) before updating the client (or the full package). It's not written very clearly. In short - the app must be deactivated and uninstalled using the Control Panel Remove Applications window before installing a new version.


As an item of interest, what I've seen recently is some folk using PC cleaner types of software and registry cleaners to Uninstall apps - don't do that! Use the proper removal/repair apps in control panel supplied for uninstalling the software or face trouble ahead.

Steve Waite: Engineer at codelegend.com

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Elaine and Steve,

Following your directions I have P3d V4.2 installed. I was delayed in responding because of some problems I caused. My initial attempt would have worked. If I had RIGHT clicked in the Control Panel uninstall. The impression I got when using the LEFT click was that P3d V4.1 had been uninstalled. With the left click I never received the 2nd P3d request to uninstall. I don't remember seeing that mentioned in the document from the P3d web site. How to uninstall/reinstall document. If it's there I missed it.


Thanks to both of you for your help.

Bill McCracken

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