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RXP GNS 430W Autopilot Not Coupling in GPS Mode - Fix?

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I've asked about this issue a few times in the past, but I came across some info that may help eliminate the problem once and for all.

The issue is when I start X-Plane 11 RXP GNS 430W starts up in its own window just fine. When I enter a fix to fly to, or setup a GPS approach and hit "Nav" on the auto pilot, the annunciator shows that the auto pilot is armed, but not coupled. Similarly, the auto pilot indicator lights flash confirming that its armed and not coupled. This only happens when the RXP GNS 430W is in GPS mode, not VLOC, which couples properly.

While playing around trying to figure out why this is happening I went into the "Plugins" menu in X-Plane and disabled RXP GNS plugin, then re-enabled it and suddenly its working properly. I can now couple the auto pilot in GPS and VLOC mode.

I quit out of X-Plane then re-started X-Plane and the problem returned. I once again disabled the RXP plugin then immediately re-enabled it and it worked properly again, and continued to work until I quit X-Plane.

I'm not sure why this should be the case, but I'm hoping this will be helpful for the people coding RXP in an effort to eliminate the issue.

Hopefully this will help others who may be seeing similar behavior.



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Thank you for posting this procedure, it will certainly help other customers.

The issue seems rooted to the way some aircraft, most likely using SASL, are initializing their systems. It seems they prevent other plugins to properly initializing the 'GPS override' facility within X-Plane.

It looks like load order as a certain outcome: should the RXP plugin gets loaded first, then SASL based plugins override RXP plugin initialization of the GPS override system.

We are yet to find a stable and solid workaround to this, but we are working on it.

Another related cause could have been the 'master device' which is sometimes not saved/restored properly between sessions, now fixed in the just released v2.3.11.


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