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Nicola Facione

Problem in open P3D

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Hello everyone! I have a problem on P3D V3.4. I've just finished reinstalling it, but when I open it I find this error ... not just one, but more errors with the same question ... how can I solve it? help plz :(29134280_1678528758903672_2000883626_n.p

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It looks like your Scenery.cfg is looking for some missing ORBX scenery.  Have you tried opening FTX Central and make any adjustments in there after your Sim re-install?

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I had global + open lc europe and vector .. but from the control panel I found only FTX base and I uninstalled only the rest I deleted the p3d folder by hand and deleted from the trash bin .. p3d and planes uninstalled all with the exe .. how do i solve this problem now?

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You have something seriously wrong with the Scenery.cfg.  Area.003 is your default base scenery.  This happens a lot with Orbx Scenery.  They mess up the scenery.cfg with ease.  Here's what I would do.  I would save the scenery.cfg to scenery.cfg.off.  I would then restart P3D.  P3D will rebuild the scenery.cfg.  Once it has been rebuilt, open up FTX Central 3 and then close.  It should load the Orbx entries of all installed Orbx scenery in your new scenery.cfg. Cool huh? If you have more addon scenery, open up the old scenery.cfg.off.  Go to the areas where the addon scenery is located.  Addon scenery begins above propeller objects or addon scenery.  Now open up your new scenery.cfg and paste this into the new scenery.cfg.  You will now have to reorder all of your areas and layers in sequence.  You can do this by downloading SceneryConfigEditor and clicking on the Actions tab and selecting reset Areas/Layers so they will be in sequence.  Otherwise you will have to do it manually.

In P3D, most addon scenery is not located in your scenery.cfg because addon.xml's are made for each.  Orbx has not gone to the addon.xml procedure yet so all of their entries are still in the scenery.cfg.  I personally have moved all of my Orbx entries and made addon.xml's for each.  This is truly a simple procedures.  I mean, really simple.  If you have Lorby_Si AddonOrganizer (see his forum here on AVSIM), when you open it up every addon that has not been made into an addon.xml is shown in the Addon Organizer as a light green entry.  That means it is activated in your scenery.cfg but no addon.xml has been made yet.  To move the entry to an addon.xml and completely away from the old fashioned scenery.cfg, you place your cursor over the light green entry, select Edit Scenery.  Once open you should see a button that says "Move to add-on.xml".  Select that and then you will be asked for a name for the addon.xml.  I always copy the Scenery title and then paste it into the Addon.xml data name directly above.  Save and that entry in your scenery.cfg will no longer exist.  Unfortunately though, whenever you open up FTX Central and then close it, Orbx will put the entries back into your scenery.cfg.  When that happens, when you open up the Lorby_Si Addon Organizer you will see Orbx entries in Pink.  Simply click on remove duplicates and those pink ones will go away (and in the scenery.cfg too).  Let's hope Orbx fixes this issue someday soon!

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4 hours ago, Nicola Facione said:

I deleted the p3d folder by hand and deleted from the trash bin .. p3d and planes uninstalled all with the exe .. how do i solve this problem now?


Hello Nicola

If you have Uninstalled Prepar3D and deleted the Prepar3D core folder you would have deleted also the Orbx folder,  But the entries for your Orbx Install will still be present in your scenery.cfg file.  This file is part of your generated files,  the uninstall process does not remove these files,  You need to manually remove these. 

For future reference an Orbx Install can survive a complete uninstall & reinstall of Prepar3D,  Please see This Post for more details on this   



To repair your current Issue......

Normally in a situation like this you could either edit the scenery.cfg file or delete this file and let it generate again but As you have already deleted your Core Prepar3D folder you need to remove your generated files to complete a Clean Uninstall 

These files will generate again as default when you launch Prepar3D next 

Copy the Tex below one by one and Paste them into the Windows search bar and click on the result,  This will bring your directly to the correct locations 

Delete all the files in these locations,  Then launch Prepar3D and test 


%PROGRAMDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3

%APPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3


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