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p3d v 4.2 Worth it / needed

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HI all

I was wondering, now fslabs has released a 4.2 update only, as well as milviz new bird being 4.2 only..

Is it worth it? How many problems are there? As16 is updated.. does rex SkyForce work?

I kinda lost the overview and have been googeling around but can't find a clear answer.

Any tips?


ps: this is a more noob question than I intend to do. but yeah, sometimes <3

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Hello Victor,

P3D 4.1 had some bugs that created issues for many developers. Some have held back their new releases until the release of 4.2, so in the long run you will have to upgrade anyway. I went to 4.2 about 1-2 weeks after it was released and had no issues whatsoever. 


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I updated to 4.2 and I have had no issue. But I typically wait and lag back an update behind. I did the 4.2 due to the Milviz 310, but I think other than  the radar, it is fully functional under 4.1. I have seen other posts about random CTD with 4.2 and understand the risk. But no issue here, to include SkyForce running too and UTL.

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