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Just a couple, Eclipse over the desert southwest

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I had to read the documents, and you know how us IT guys don't read the documents, to get this beautiful aircraft fully functional, but I am glad I put in the effort.  The Aerobask Eclipse 550 cruising at FL320 somewhere above New Mexico....





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2 hours ago, Phantom88 said:

Cool little jet

It's my personal airliner, ya gotta watch the thrust though, if you firewall the thrust for more than thirty seconds you will get an engine fire and flameout, so ya gotta ease it back just a touch after the gear is up and before the flaps are retracted.  It is an excellent flight model, I followed the Eclipse for years in its development, not too many were made, a little more than a couple of hundred, now Eclipse is working on the 700.  I flew a trike at the Double Eagle Two Airport where the Eclipse came out of.


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