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Ron Attwood

Highland reel(bring your own haggis)

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I bear no responsibility for this flight. Send all complaints to Roger Brooke c/o Brummieville UK.

Thank you Roger. :biggrin:

Look for the server in the 'Hubs' list of JoinFS (vT1.4.12) named AVSIM Saturday Flight. I know it's not Saturday all right? :dry:

Teamspeak details same as Saturday-- ts.teamavsim.com

First aircraft leaves at 19:30 Zulu (you work it out, I can't!)

Flight plan HERE 

If you intend to go native, please wear something under your kilt. :ohmy:

Aircraft is Run what ya brung. It should be a reasonably quick erplane though. I'll be in a Milviz 310 Redux.


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Well I have all the Orbx regions, including Scotland, so at least you and I will be on the same page. Looking forward to the flight...thanks for setting it up.

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as you know it is not " haggis " shooting season therefore you may see quite a few when landing at the various airstrips. ( especially if you had a drop of scoth mist )

they are easily recognisable being like hedgehogs without the spikes,or for our american friends like gophers with spikes ( they go fer this & go fer that.)

all tanked up and waiting to go.



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