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need help with loading scenarios

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I have flown the 737 on different platforms from eham to lowi before and am just revisiting prepar3d again after x-plane mod 737 crashing all the time. I have just purchased the pmdg 737 for prepar3d and can't find the pmdg tutorial #2 scenario's to load. I'm wanting to practise the steep turn at innsbruck prior to runway 08 and am wishing to load the approach scenario that is provided in tutorial #2. Do I have to already be manually flying the eham to lowi route in order to  load the scenario's or is there some trick to copying the relevant scenario files somewhere? I don't understand why the scenarios are not appearing in the list when I goto load scenarios in the startup screen.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for your help.  Michael M



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There are two locations you can get PMDG help.  There is an AVSIM PMDG forum for user to user help and there is PMDG Product Support for help direct from PMDG.  They also have a FB page but I'm not familiar with that option.

The scenario files for tutorial #2 have gone missing in the many years and versions this product has gone through, don't know why.  It's not an issue because tutorial #2 starts where tutorial #1 ends, as described in the tutorial text. Simple solution is to save the scenario at end of tutorial #1 and use that to start tutorial #2.

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