Saitek Pro Cessna Yoke Mode Switch

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Morning All

Not sure if this is possible, or I stuck on how to achieve this.


To use the Mode switch to allocate different key functions within Linda

The Saitek Yoke has a 3 position 'Mode' Switch. Which 'I think' allows buttons to have 3 different functions mapped to them, depending on the position of the mode switch.

What I have manged to achieve so far is for LINDA to 'see the MODE switch as buttons(deleting the default saitek profile in system32).

Mode 1 : button 23  (normal/standard mode)

Mode 2 : button 24

Mode 3 : button 25

In mode 1 I have mapped the hat and buttons directly to 'Chase Plane' camera functions. All good

Now I want to be able to change 'mode' and map other functions to the same buttons'


Mode 1 : button 6 is mapped to change camera view (Chase plane functions direct NOT in LInda)

Mode 2:  button 6 mapped to elevator trim down

Mode 3 : button 6 mapped to 'another function'

Linda SHIFTED MODES:   totally confused the differences and when and where to use them

Also is it possible to 'map' chase plane button allocations direct in LINDA without using chase plane

Bottom line is when in 'mode 1'  chase plane button and hat functions works ans when changing to a different mode the same button have different functions

Help would be greater received

Many thanks

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Hi Alpha

As you have discovered, you need to delete the Saitek driver to allow the Mode toggle switch (right yoke rear) to work. This disables the Clock/Stopwatch functionality on the yoke front centre. I use the driver as I use the clock/stopwatch for VFR flying.

To program the Mode switch, you next need to assigned UNSHIFTED to Mode 1, SHIFTED ONE to Mode 2 and SHIFTED TWO to Mode 3 positions (using SHIFTED MODES menu). Next assign your required functions (Elev Trim, etc) under the Unshifted, 1 and 2 pages.

When you select Mode 1, LINDA will use the UNSHIFTED page assignments, in Mode 2 the SHIFTED ONE page assignments will be used and in Mode 3 the SHIFTED TWO page assignments apply.

I have no experience with ChasePlane so cannot guide you. If ChasePlane uses keyboard keys then you can assign a Keypress to a button (only works when your Flt Sim window has focus).


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Thanks Andrew, 

I'll give it  a go






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Fantastic.......I little bit of work, but the results are spot on.


Now have all 3 Modes working and also Chase plane all via LINDA


Many thanks


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