pmdg 747 v3 problems

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hi, it is my 1st day of using chaseplane. now i am calm 🙂

first of all, i would like to say that maybe there should be a sticky topic about bugs. i just updated to 0.3.74 and as the developers say, we should let them know if we find any issues.

i use p3d v4 with many many addons (orbx, pilot2atc, utlive etc etc) and 2 planes: pmdg 747 v3 and majestic q400. i have tried chaseplane only in pmdg 747.  didn't use all the features of the program, im not so interesting now in the cinematic modes. but i am very very very interested in the onboard cameras. with ease i managed to create 4 presets, head panel, radio panel, throttle panel and a general front view.

i have 2 main problems: i put each of these presets to num keys 1,2,3,4. of course i took them out of the used keys in p3d. when i swith between the views pressing the keys is amazing how nice things are.

BUT (im almost 50 years old so i expect in my life everything to work and be easy), every 5 min the program stucks, pressing the num keys dont switch between presets. here i should say i see on the chaseplane program the presets to be activate, just nothing happens to pmdg 747. i quit chaseplane, start it again and everything works again perfectly for ... another 5 min. so i spend half flight to restart chaseplane....

then the other annoying bug is the chaseplane quits (saying that it sends a log file to the developers). that is every 10 min around.

if i wasnt so angry , i would ask for money back etc etc. (yes i wrote it right, if i am not angry, i ask for money back). but i dont want any money back. i just want the program to work, even at the very easy way i use it 🙂

so pls fix it !!!!

thanks to everybody


ps. till now i used the experimental version. for the rest of the day i will use the "normal" version to see if things get improved.


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Please generate a Report file from the Preferences after the freeze and send the file to us at the email mentioned at the top of the file.

Please put a reference to this thread in your message.

Edited by Keven Menard

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hi keven and thank you for your fast answer 🙂

everytime i try to generate the report file i get this :

something unexpected happened:/

it looks like something unexpected occured. a log file will be sent to fsfx packages automatically

is the same when the program crashes without reason (that moment i don't use it-i just fly the pmdg 747 without changing views)

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i just got the 0.4 update and i managed to create the log file with the new version. i am sending it to the email.


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