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I have an interesting problem occurring.  I have a hat switch programmed on my joystick - the Saitek X52 to move the flaps up and down.  For some reason, on the Dash 8, when I try to retract flaps after take-off using that switch, there is no response; flaps won't retract.  I have to reach with the mouse and click to retract flaps.  However, after that first movement/use of the mouse, the flaps extent/retract works again with the hat switch.

I can't figure out why the flaps won't move until I first use the mouse.  I'm not experiencing this issue with any other airplane.

Any thoughts.  Thanks.  

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Have you attempted using different switch/button assignments to see if the problem follows?  We have never tested the flaps using the HAT switch, but have made sure that button assignments work as intended using the default FSX/P3D key bindings.

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i also noticed the same issue. I guess you start the Q400 in the state "ReadyForTakeoff"?!

It happens because of the following (that's what i figured out):

In the script "ccReadyForTakeoff.mgs" all the settings are defined to the state "ReadyForTakeoff".

One entry is
COPY #FlightControls_->sensors.FlapsInput 1; (sets the flaps to 5 degrees)

This setting is not recognised by the Sim!!! So if you push your Joystick-Button to retract the Flaps, there is nothing to retract and so nothing happens!

If you have assigned a button to extend the Flaps and you pusch it, the Flaps extend to 10 degrees and from now on your "Retract Button" on the Joystick is functioning again.

This behavior is bothersome. So i changed the setting in "ccReadyForTakeoff.mgs" to
COPY #FlightControls_->sensors.FlapsInput 0; (sets the flaps to 0 degree)
and set the Flaps with my Joystick-Button by myself before takeoff. So i can use my "Retract Button" after takeoff as usual.

PS: Similar problem is the thing with the "COPY #FlightControls_->gearPinsInstalled 0". This entry is not always recognised (because the doors are closed or the engines are running or whatever) and so the landing gear can't be retract. Very disturbing...
(I put this entry above the Engine-Start in the script but that dosen't solve the issue. You can see the red flags in the bag behind the seat, but the landing gear is still not moving. Maybe open and close the door in the script will help. I will test it)


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