Planes automatically roll forward when starting P3D

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Not sure why this happens, but recently I noticed that my planes have been rolling forward everytime I start P3D. I am using a logitech extreme 3D controller, and in order to stop this I have to constantly push the lever thats binded to the throttles forward and quickly back all the way to put the engine throttle back to idle, and also have to turn on the parking breaks. But as soon as I remove the parking brakes, the plane will start slowly rolling forward again. This is noticeable in the QW787 and A2A 182. I haven't tried testing it on other planes yet. Any ideas?

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I had the same issue some time back. It's completely gone now but at the time I used the P3D native calibration menu to recalibrate and it would work fine and leave the thurst levers in idle.

Other than that, in case you're using FSUIPC, check the calibrations there, too.

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Have you calibrated your controller to make sure that when your throttles are fully back they send the right data to the sim?

What do you have for a default flight?   It might also be worth making sure that your default flight has throttles back and parking brake set, perhaps even fully cold and dark.  I've had planes load in unfortunate states like that if my default flight is set up any other way.

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I just tested with my other planes like PMDG, it seems to only happen in the QW787. Strange because it didn't happen before. The only thing I remember messing with is the QW787 Dispatcher to change my fuel and payloads, would that cause my plane to roll forward? The only way to prevent this is to apply the parking brakes.

But I'm not even sure why the parking brakes aren't applied even for the default panel state that ships with the plane. However, this problem didn't happen before even though my parking brakes weren't even set.

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