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Unable to couple GPS to Autopilot

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Hey guys! 

Well I bought the RXP GTN 750 some days ago and already had some fun with it in some other planes.
But I really like the Carenado Phenom 100/300 but unfortunately the build-in GPS system is crap so i decided to try and implement the RXP....

After some time I got to this point---> *Click*

Everything is funktional execpt the buttons on the bezle and as described in the title the Autopilot still follows the standard GPS thingy.

So now to my question: As far as I can see, it seems that I have to change the GPS source or disable the standard one, but HOW do I do that?!

I already tried various setting in the RealityXP.GTN.ini file but it didnt work. I will post it below so you guys can have a view on  that too.



; is the master device if true.
MasterDevice = true 
; selects COM/NAV Radios '1' or '2'.
RadiosPair = 1
; uses computer time if true, simulator time otherwise.
ComputerTime = false
; reduce screen update rate by half.
ReduceRate = false
; integral lighting percent (0 to 100)
Rheostat.Display = 100
; integral lighting percent (0 to 100)
Rheostat.Buttons = 75
; connects GPS to Autopilot if true.
LinkOto = true 
; connects GPS to HSI if true.
LinkHsi = true 
; connects GPS to HSI course motor if true.
LinkCrs = false 
; connects GPS to OBS input if true (LinkHsi/OBS or AutoNavSource/OBS) (NB: HSI/OBS = NAV1 OBS).
LinkObs = false
; connects GPS to VOR if true.
LinkVor = false
; connects CDI key to NAV/GPS switch if true.
AutoNavGps = false
; enables automatic GPS/VLOC selection.
AutoSelect = true 
; selects VLOC NAV '1' or '2'. '0' selects same source as 'RadiosPair'.
AutoNavSource = 0
; sets device power source: ALWAYS_ON,AVIONICS_BUS,MAIN_BATTERY
PowerSource = AVIONICS_BUS
; connects GPS to Shadin Air Data computer if true.
UseAirData = true 
; connects GPS to Shadin Fuel Data computer if true.
UseFuelData = true 
; connects GPS to Audio Panel if true.
UseAudioPanel = true 
; connects GPS to Transponder if true.
UseTransponder = true 
; connects GPS to RYAN 9900BX if true.
UseRyanTcad = true 
; sets TCAD sound alerts volume in percent: 0 to 100.
RyanTcadVolume = 50
; enable device failures if true.
UseFailures = false
; uses Simulator GPS commands if true.
UseSimGpsCmds = false
; updates Simulator GPS flight plan if true.
LinkSimGps = false
; saves the active route as a Simulator flight plan if true.
AutoSavePln = false
; use legacy mouse (left CCW, right CW, middle Push) (override instances settings)
UseAltMouse = false
; sets transponder VFR code (octal default: #1200).
VFRcode = #1200
; sets fuel type: AVGAS,JETA,JETB,DIESEL
FuelType = AVGAS
; sets ownship icon type: 
OwnshipIcon = AUTO
; sets TAWS type: TERR,TAWS_B,TAWS_A
TawsMode = TERR
TawsSurface = HARD_SOFT
; TAWS minimum runway length (feet)
TawsMinLength = 40
; TAWS approach air speed (knots), or -1 (auto detect Vref: 123)
TawsApprSpeed = 123
; TAWS maximum flap extension speed (knots) or -1 (auto detect Vfe: 190)
TawsFlapSpeed = 190
; TAWS maximum gear extension speed (knots) or -1 (auto detect Vle: 0)
TawsGearSpeed = 0
; HSI lateral deviation scale factor.
CdiScale = 1
; HSI vertical deviation scale factor.
GsiScale = 1
; sets voice type: MALE,FEMALE
VoicePref = MALE
; sets master sound volume in percent: 0 to 100.
MasterVolume = 100
; mute sound when simulator window looses focus if false.
NoAudioFocus = false
; selects the default database: 0: 'Garmin (North America)', 1: 'Jeppesen (Worldwide)'
NavDbType = 1
; selects the CPU running the trainer process: 1 to 32
; 0: last core, -1: automatic.
CpuAffinity = -1

; show screen only gauge if true.
nobezel = true
; screen only border size (pixels).
border.size = 0
; screen only border color (#RGB or #RGBA).
border.rgba = #000000
; display mouse tooltips if true.
tooltips = true
; enable mouse clickspots if true, disable if false.
usemouse = true
; enable alternate click-spots (left CCW, right CW, middle Push) if true.
usealtmouse = false
; enable touch beyond screen bounds if true (2D only), clip if false (GTN native).
extendtouch = true
; auto-resize dimension (width,height)
refsize = 
; left mouse button on the screen toggles popup window by ident (ex: GPS_PANEL or 225) (requires SHIFT+left mouse button).
popleft = 
; right mouse button on the screen toggles popup window by ident (ex: GPS_PANEL or 225).
popright = 
; adjust brightness (0 to 100)
brightness.bezel = 100
; offset brightness (-100 to +100)
brightness.screen = 0


Hopefully someone can help me 😕

Because I really want a businessjet with a good GPS system...


Let me know if you need any information or files!!!


Thanks for ANY help!


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Try right clicking on the memory card slot on the GTN.. it should switch the "active navigation" device.

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Hey thank you for your answer! It seems like this is a F1 specific thing because there is no such clickspot in my GTN 😕

I tried it with the 2D Panel and in the Virtual Cockpit without the NO_BEZEL option.

Is there no way to change it by hand somehow?



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On 7/22/2018 at 1:58 PM, C0phAX said:

; connects CDI key to NAV/GPS switch if true.
AutoNavGps = false


I think this is the most needed setting. This will make sure the FSX A/P system is using GPS signal when in GPS mode, and VLOC signal when in VLOC mode. Otherwise, you'd have to find a way to toggle NAV/GPS source on the panel independetly of the GTN CDI mode (GPS/VLOC).

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thank you very much for the help!

I figured it out now and have everything working!

Now I can enjoy my Phenom with  a beautiful GPS.

Thanks alot guys.


Best regards Tizian

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