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Approach into LOWI

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Hello Dave,

I would like to know what the best way would be to define the following approach into LOWI Innsbruck.
I'm coming in IFR via the TULSI 3A (TULS3A) and want to make a visual approach (Special Circling Procedure) to runway 08.


So you first descent along the OEV LOC then at D6.5 DME OEV turn left heading 230 degrees and follow the route as described in the chart above.
How do I file this in P2A?

I filed a RNAV - RW26 - R26-E approach and before I had to turn left to heading 230 I requested a visual approach rwy 08 but no reply. When I requested 'request landing rwy 08' I got clearance to land at runway 08. Is this the correct way to handle such an approach?



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You might try requesting a Visual Straight-In instead of a Visual Approach.  Otherwise, your handling of it seems to be as good as any.  You also probably had "Force Pilot Runway Selection" option checked to enable the switch to RW08.

The AIRAC data does not contain these published Visual Approaches and P2A therefore is not aware of them.  And, as you point out, P2A requires you to file your plan with an IFR approach, which of course this is not.


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