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AeroPeru Lockeed Tristar

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I re-installed the 3rd CS aircraft (L-1011) from my CS depository onto my PC. And, while looking again in the Andes region for another short flight, the vast Lake Titicaca in the border between Peru and Bolivia inside the Andes range, caught my attention. This lake, at 12500', is supposedly the highest navigable lake in the world. Interestingly, La Paz Airport (SLLP), the highest elevation airport in the world, is located southeast of the lake. So, I set up a short (~140 miles) but interesting flight (please see map) from the Peruvian city of Juliaca (SPJL), itself at 12500' elevation, to La Paz airport across Lake Titicaca. CS has coincidentally included a (now-defunct) AeroPeru Tristar livery in the base pack.

I understand La Paz airport operations require pilots to wear oxygen masks during takeoff/landing, which makes me glad this is just simulation (where I can sip a drink during takeoff/landing)! Even with much reduced fuel, the Tristar was realistically sluggish on takeoff and used up almost all of this very long 13000' runway. Thanks for viewing and good weekend to you!

















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Honestly I do not think that CS put efforts to simulate engine performance with different air/weather condition.

I have L1011 and have serious doubts about her performance, anyhow glad u enjoy her.

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Yes, I absolutely agree. I personally consider their products as entertainment grade rather than training grade as is done by a few other leading vendors' products. Unfortunately, choice of L-1011 simulations is not many, although it's a wonderful aircraft to learn about.

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