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Pete Dowson

Concern about HotKey change

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Hi Dave,

In the changes list for you have:

  • Fixes the HotKey settings to prevent capture of HotKey when in other programs

Does this mean P2A must have focus for the assigned hotkeys to work?

Suppose one's focus is in another program? I am networking P2A but there are other programs on the same PC also in use. (I can possibly direct the WideFS-programmed keystrokes to P2A, but it might need another Lua plug-in to change focus instead).

And what about those running P2A on the Sim PC and needing focus in the Sim?



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There is an option in Config to "Require P2A or SIM Focus".  In 2504R3, this option did not work correctly.

Now, the Speech Output and Minimize Hot Keys are always "Hot", regardless of this option setting.

The other Hot Keys are always "Hot" unless this option is checked, in which case, they are only "Hot" when the SIM or Pilot2ATC has focus.


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