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How to blend FSX and Gsx and FS2Crew to work together

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I have a problem that made it hard to choose which forum to approach. I run FSX , GSX and F2Crew on an Aerosoft  Airbus. When I run these programs I find it brings my flightsimming to life. I know that to many purists this can be a distraction in the way of planning and executing a perfect flight. However I enjoy it and I was pleased to see that Aerosoft Airbus and GSX  work well together when you take the option for push back to AES.

When I added FS2Crew to the mix (instead of the FS2Crew within the Airbus) things started getting a bit more complicated. Now I know they all can work in sync, as it has happened on a few flights but when I try to repeat it on the next flight it does not happen. What is the best way to solve this as the manual for all three programs obviously does not  explain how to tie in with each other. My current problem is going through the various Checklists Ok only to find the Engines won't start although there appears to be fuel on board and the fuel pumps activated.

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FS2Crew works fine with GSX.  If you want to use the GSX pushback, you'd just not use the GSX pushback.

The FS2Crew Aerosoft Airbus verison has an option called AES, which is is like GSX, you can set that to Yes.

If your engines aren't starting, it's likely that you don't have sufficient air pressure for engine start.  Ensure your engines have an air source.



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