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Impossible to enter more than one character in FMC

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I'd almost finished entering all the information for a flight into the fmc. 

I opened the N1 LIMIT page and selected the TO and CLB parameters but when I tried to enter a temperature, I could only enter in one character. Subsequent key presses just overwrote the first character..

This was the case with both the PC keyboard and the fmc keyboard using the mouse.

I went to other pages in the FMC and had the same problem. For example, impossible to enter more than one character in file name to save the panel state.

I checked that Insert was not selected on the PC keyboared but in any case I don't see how that would have affected the use of the FMC keyboard.

I googled the problem ad see that this has happened to others but no solution.

The only solution was to restart FSX.  

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8 minutes ago, Boomer said:


how do I unsubscribe from this thread please 

Probably in your user account settings somewhere, but I just cleared the follower list, so you're set.

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