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When I launch the application it loads as it should  but then disappears. I'm running a three monitor system, each monitor attached to a 3 port NVIDIA 1050 Ti. I've run the three monitor config in 2 configurations: 1) NVIDIA Surround 2) windows 3 window panels as configured through x-plane;

In NVIDIA surround I load the app then I load X Plane. I am able to switch back and forth using the "m" key (is there a config to change this key to hot swap on another key?). Then i am not able to hot swap. The Pilot2atc app will not swap in to overlay x plane. Can't find it anywhere even though task manager shows an instance of it running. Doesn't even show up on Alt-Tab selector. Its gone, yet the process is still running. I have to kill it and relaunch the app.

In Windows 3 panel config (NVIDIA surround disabled)  The app is up and running but is being displayed off the right-most edge of my right most monitor. When I click the app icon on the task bar I can see it expand outward to this off screen area. When I click it again I can see it contract to task bar. I can alt-Tab to the app window but when selected it, again goes to this off screen space to the far right. I have disconnected the two displays, left and right, with just the main monitor in the center and still can't access the app window. I am going to uninstall and reinstall the app to see if this fixes it.

Uninstall and reinstall as administrator did not fix the problem. It was working for a while under NVIDIA Surround. It has not worked as of yet under 3 window panels for 3 monitors. Well, it's loaded but I can't access it. I can see it, it's there but just in a off screen area that I can't access.




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Hover the mouse cursor over P2ATC on your taskbar right button and choose move, then use the arrow keys.

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