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Hello Flusi friends,
I own for my P3DV4.3 from PMDG the 737-800 NGX plus current update version 1.20.8885.
Now I have the problem, that when programming the FMC under PAYLOAD>PASSENGERS the value 92/174 can be seen, I leave the value at 174 everything is OK.
I do my flight planning with PFPX, in the aircraft list Pax 189 is indicated, but with the input in the FMC the value /189 is not accepted!
In the PMDG 737-800 NGX Aircraft cfg under General is this entry 





performance="Cruise Speed        \nMach 0.78              452 kts    \/h\n\nEngines     \nCFM56-7\n\nMaximum Range    \n3,060 nm          3,521 mi          5,425 km\n\nService Ceiling     \n41, 000 ft         12,500 m\n\nFuel Capacity       \n6,875 U.S. gal     26,020 L\n\nEmpty Weight-Standard       \n90,710 lb           41,145 kg\n\nMaximum Gross Weight\n174,200 lb         79,010 kg\n\nLength     \n129.5 ft                 39.5 m\n\nWingspan     \n112 ft, 9 in           34.3 m\n\nHeight        \n41.16 ft               12.55 m\n\nSeating      \nSeats 189\n\n"

Category = airplane

Can one work with the value 189 in the FMC, or in the PFPX under Pax 174 enter.
Many thanks in advance!
With kind regards


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Firstly the b737-800 can have different configurations of seats and they have chosen the 174 (single class) one.

Said that the plane (also the real one) "feels" the pax as weight and centre of if you want a 189 pax load simply add weight…(by increasing the cargo load)..i.e. if you consider 1 hand luggage and 15-20 kg of cargo luggage for pax a "rule of thumbs" could be 100kg per pax *189=18,9 tons to add..

Otherwyse: you could calculate i.e.  84kg per male pax (pax+hand luggage) and 74kg for female+hand luggage (or child), or 35 kg for boy/girl less than 12 years and add the cargo load as you desire..


Andrea Buono

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This is a simulator for pilots... not gate attendants. Just enter the ZFW and fly the airplane.  You only need to know how many souls are on board when declaring an emergency.

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