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Hello Folks, im wondering a couple of things.

I needed to Re load RC and found a copy .

But getting a key is another, have been trying for a three days and no reply.

Not for sure what is going on, or if im doing it correctly. 

Sent JD a request with old and new address and still no reply.


THX .…………………………..RobertC

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Send the current e-mail address and the one you originally registered under along with information in the screen, windows version, etc to Have you read the if you need help topic?

Only RC version 3.845 will work. You will need to seek out the various dlls that Windows no longer supplies once you get your key. You will get a download link to the current (last) version.


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Well my friend I have sent a request several times, he's just not responding. I guess ill go try another program.


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Hello folks, im directing this question to the forum and perhaps JD if he is reading this.

Is Radar Contact still up and running.

I must tell you it has been very difficult in getting a key for radar contact.

In fact im still waiting on a response from JD.

I have used RC for so long , its second nature to my sim.

But as time goes on it has been a rough ride in getting a new key.

RC is the only ATC that I use and like, but is it still up and running.

For the last several months I have been using the default ATC, and I would send a request for a new key because of computer problems. 

So this will be the fifth or six time I have requested a key and still no response.

So is RC gone or is it still around.

I even tried to find a new copy of RC to download and perhaps start from scratch: even that was difficult.

I hope everything is good with Mr. JD

So is RC still around or do I need to Purchase another ATC program. 

I would hate that , because I think RC is one of the best ATC out there.


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What is the version number of RC4 you have?

Neither John or Doug visits this forum. It’s left to Ron and me plus a few other enthusiasts to answer questions. We receive no thanks from John or Doug for our efforts. I sometimes feel like a mug. They take the money and leave us to do the support.

If you have the same email address as when you bought RC4 the process should work. Check you are doing everything correctly.  But first I need the version number. 

Edited by Ray Proudfoot

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