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Cannot Figure Paint Kit Tail Number Bitmap Out

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I've been working on a new livery for my copy of the fabulous Flysimware Falcon 50.   After some trial and error I've managed to navigate the

process of using GiMP to produce a DDS texture for the fuselage, and I'm very happy with the result.  

However, I'm still unable to figure out the bitmap file for the tail number.   I've tinkered with the pixel size, tried cropping it, and have looked over the image properties

of the file closely, but after numerous attempts I keep getting only a black rectangle in the cockpit.    I've worked with bitmap files quite a few times and I thought

generating one with the number I need would be a breeze, but there are apparently properties to the bitmap that is required that are different than any that I've encountered.   

I can't help but think that there's something basic that I'm missing.    Could someone provide some tips?

Thanks in advance.

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1 hour ago, tatfsn said:

Thanks in advance.


I'm confused - you're trying to paint the tail number on the panel in the VC ? Typically - at least from their Lear - I believe that's scripted to be read from the aircraft.cfg file - no ? You didn't have to paint it or did they do it differently here ?

Maybe a picture would help ?


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Open it in Photoshop (or whatever paint program you use to mess with the paint kit file), tweak it how you want it, save it as a PNG (or something like that, doesn't really matter), then open that newly saved file in Dxtbmp (freebie download if you haven't got it, search google) and save it from Dxtbmp as an 'extended bitmap'. That should work; it's what I did for this one:


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That was the answer.   It worked perfectly   I'm so used to using DXTbmp to convert bitmap and .PSD files to DDS files it never occurred to me

to use it to convert to extended bitmaps.  I also never realized the difference between bitmaps and extended bitmaps.   In addition to finishing the

livery I wanted and learning more about GIMP than I knew before, I learned something else new on top of that.

Thanks so much for the help!   

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We only use DDS for the 4096 images. The main VC panel and the exterior model. The rest are the standard DXT bitmaps which i also use DXTBMP.

And yes use GIMP with the DDS and select DXT5. also for DXTBMP use DXT5 for the export choice.

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