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Missing Default Terminals and Generic Buildings

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Out of nowhere, I have a lot of 3rd party AFCADS (mainly those from Ray Smith and Robert Catherall) where all Generic Buildings and default Terminal buildings are no longer appearing within P3Dv4. I haven't made any changes to my sim recently and in fact had a fully functioning KSEA three days ago, and now it's missing all the buildings as seen in the images below. After removing all 3rd party AFCADS even the default P3D airport is missing all buildings/terminals (Default PANC was just the aprons, taxiways, runways and jetbridges).

All .MDL files that are part of the compiled AFCAD show (jetway files, barriers, stairs, and buildings that are part of the model library), but anything that's a default terminal or titled a Generic Building within ADE don't appear.

This doesn't happen for every airport however. Using Ray Smith's KMKE AFCAD, the entire default terminal shows, yet the default terminal for his and RWC's PANC and KSEA AFCADS are completely missing. If you open the AFCADS in Airport Design Editor all  buildings show within that program, yet don't show in the sim, even with a new compile of the .BGL.

Image complexity within the P3Dv4 is maxed, and as I mentioned nothing has changed recently. I'm not sure what could cause this? I have tried running a Repair of P3Dv4 and doing an uninstall and reinstall with a reboot in between. I didn't delete any folders or files though on the uninstall/reinstall. I would like to avoid that if possible. 

PANC showing the few buildings that are part of the Model library. All default buildings and generic buildings are missing:

PANC showing .mdl's but no generic buildings

Ray Smith's KMIA showing a few default terminals, but no Generic Buildings (which make up most of Terminal D)

KSEA missing all default terminals and Generic Buildings. .MDL files showing


This doesn't seem to be an AFCAD issue since even the default airports are missing the buildings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

My sim consists of:
ORBX Global, Vector, SAK, PNW, NRM, CRM, PFJ
Freeware Airport AFCADS from AVSIM
REX 4 w/ Soft Clouds
REX HD Airports
Active Sky P3Dv4

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