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At the moment Pilot2Atc reads from P3d for its information. Is there any way in the future that you could make it possible to read from Pilot2ATC back for lua files in FSUIPC. My reasoning for this is that I use a home cockpit with 6 screens. Pilot2ATC is by itself on one of those screens. There is a power connected icon and PTT activation button in your program that turns green when used. I was hoping that in the future I could connect to Pilot2ATC so that the PTT led on my home cockpit could be connected to your program via a lua. At the moment it of shows when I press my PTT switch but you cannot program it to only light when your program is actively using it. It would take the the interaction with your program  to a whole new level to be fully able to integrate it into a cockpit.

Thankyou for all your effort and this brilliant piece of software.

Ken Ennis

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Can you program it to light when the PTT button is pressed and the Battery and Avionics switches are turned on?  That should have the same effect.

I can add the definition of a new FSUIPC offset to my long list of possible future enhancements, but this might be a quick way to get what you need.


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HI Dave.

I am actually using the battery and avionics switches for the led so yes it does work that way. The only thing is of cause is that if Pilot2ATC is not running or not receiving the signal from the PTT it will still of cause turn on.  Thanks for your quick response .



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