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A2A's Freeware Rain Effects With Carenado Aircraft?

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I'm pretty sure everyone knows by now that A2A made free to any developer and/or ambitious editor their *AMAZING* rain effects that have now been incorporated into the A2A 172, 182 and the recently released Bonanza. I'm not holding my breath when  it comes to Carenado taking the time to upgrade/update any of their aircraft as it seems they have about a one month window of updates for newly released aircraft, after that you're better served by the community here on Avsim and elsewhere. That said, I was wondering if anyone has plans at tackling the implementation of these rain effects on *ANY* of the Carenado/Alabeo aircraft? From a simple glance at the files it doesn't *look* like it entails any additions to the model file(s), something only the developer can really do.

Anyone seen or heard any rumors kicking about? Having the rain effects on a couple Carenado planes would certainly increase the realism and "wow" factor.


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Hi Andrew,
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but the documentation indicates that model changes are necessary.


3-D Model Requirements
The rain effect needs its own transparent mesh on top of the existing glass. The easiest way to do this in 3ds Max is to copy the existing glass and add a push modifier with a value (in meters) of -0.001.
Each window has to be mapped on its own unique UV space; UV chunks bounding boxes can’t overlap.
Raindrops move in the UV space on the virtual texture, so the UV mapping of the windows needs to be aligned horizontally and vertically.


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Carenado is probably among the best of the best in terms of aircraft appearance. But I have noticed that many Carenado aircraft have no rain effects at all!? I think such effects contribute significantly to immersion. Pity or did I miss something?
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