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As you could  see in the pictures (if I was able to paste them) there is a strange smoke effect

- When the aircraft is rolling on some runway

- When there is a fire as it might happen in some scenery

The smoke is made of black squares 

Can you help ?

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You need to use an image hosting site to be able to post screenshots.  Meanwhile, to fix your smoke find in the Library and run it.  Sounds like you have a corrupted effects file.  Do aircraft contrails look the same?



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What you are describing is what you see in fsx with the dx10 engine when some of the default fsx  effect textures have been lost - usually some combination of fx_1.bmp, fx_2.bmp and fx_3.bmp.  The cause of this is usually some addon which provides “improved” versions and then fails  to restore the originals if it is uninstalled.  The fsx dx9 engine doesn’t display these missing textures.

 I am a little surprised as you mentioned that you downloaded  the fixer 4.0 last week and I changed the fixer to apply the same approach as dx9 to avoid the support calls that I get on this subject, so I can only guess that you haven’t installed it yet.

The solution is to recover the missing textures which should be in the directory

[ main fsx directory]\effects\texture.

Possible ways that you can do this are to get them from a friend, install fsx onto another computer and copy the missing ones over, reinstall  fsx.  If you google fsx fx_1.fx missing you may be able to find replacements from various places.

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Hello again

In fact, I posted the topic about the smoke problem, and , in the meantime, I finally upgraded to V4.

After, I read the replies and they all where helpful

1 - fx_1.bmp was actually missing from my effect/texture file  -  I found it on the web and now I do have regular smoke.

2 - When I upgraded from V3 to V4 I first of all had any more smoke or other effects (eg : when the plane was rolling on a runway.)

3 - So now, with V4 and fx_1.bmp all is OK and I see an improvement in the lights of the airplane  (they are lights now and no more squares)

Thank you all for your help and sorry for this buzz

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