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Installing SDK, need advice...

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I plan to install the SDK in order to work with ADE.
I still use P3Dv4.3, but I just today downloaded the latest version of SDK. That does not pose a problem as P3D v4.4 is released.  There is no other version of SDK interfering with olders versions of P3D?
Furthermore, is there anything special that I have to pay attention to when I install SDK? Certain folders?


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There will be differences between 4.3 and 4.4 SDKs but ADE will only use the bgl compiler (bglcomp.exe) and the version is not going to make a difference.  It may also use the shape to vector compiler (Shp2Vec.exe) depending on if your ADE project uses vector objects such as roads and streams.

The SDK will want to install in a programs folder, I created a SDK folder in my P3D root directory and installed it there. Once installed, run ConfigSDK to set it up at the installed location.  Then open ADE options and set the folders to point to the compilers.

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OK, thank you Dan

I'm not really interested in creating projects, but only want ADE to adapt or do small mod's to an airport if needed.

Thanks again👍

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