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Is this possible?

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Happy New Year.

I was just wondering if you can run P3Dv4 on a computer with 1 to 3  monitors full screen and Pilot2ATC on a separate monitor, same computer.

PS I hope so...


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I cannot imagine why it cannot be done except that i do not believe it can be done in full screen mode (Imay be wrong) I have done it in windowed mode though. You simply undock and move it to the display you want it on.

Hope this helps



Tony Chilcott.


My System. Motherboard. ASRock Taichi X570 CPU Ryzen 9 3900x (not yet overclocked). RAM 32gb Corsair Vengeance (2x16) 3200mhz. 1 x Gigabyte Aorus GTX1080ti Extreme and a 1200watt PSU.

1 x 1tb SSD 3 x 240BG SSD and 4 x 2TB HDD

OS Win 10 Pro 64bit. Simulators ... FS2004/P3Dv4.5/Xplane.DCS/Aeroflyfs2...MSFS to come for sure.

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