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Another take on VR

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Good evening,

I received my oculus rift headset today, and I thought I would give some first impressions/reactions.

I use P3D v4 exclusively, so leave if you wanna hear about another sim.

First some background. I have been flightsimming on and off for I dont know 10-15 years now. In the last 5-6 years I have mainly been interested in study sims and i almost exclusively fly the 737NGX (Yes X for pmdg version)

After having flown a few home cockpits an desktop two monitor setup just couldn't cut it anymore.. I had to get something else. Build my own sim? Well yes - ideally but I simply couldn't decide on A320 or 737.. (I know I mainly fly the NG so the choice should be easy right? Sure (waves at the 737 max)).

So I thought to myself VR would maybe be the option for me, and I read this forum for 1-2 years I think. But now I saw the price on the rift was getting so low, so I could just jump into it.

Today it arrived, and I plugged it in, set it up.. And then googled a bit for how to get it to function in p3d.. Well was pretty simple, just had to finish the oculus setup.. 😐

So I fired up the NGX at my local airport and fired up VR..


I was there... Literally.. Just like the cockpits i visited, just like the home cockpits i flown. Once and again I got to appreciate the work PMDG had done. Every damm little detail really pops-up into your eyes.. The size of everything correctly scaled..  Move a bit forward and get closer.. Look over left shoulder see the wing tip and the L1 door open.. I was just sitting the with my mouth open lol.

Perfomance was ofc my first concern.. But having the 1080ti and 8700k I for one could not put any remark on performance. It was even smoother than my usual setup I think.

I read a lot about the screen door effect, and it almost made me cancel my order.. But its not that bad.

However.. cause there is an however.

When you look out of the window.. Dont expect to see anything you can make out.. Its like being reborn in a world where you need glasses, and dont have em..

And you sweat.. lol

Its gonna be all instrument flying from now lol. (I use ASW off and 1,5 in oculus tray tool, and i set 1.5 pixel .. bla bla in debugger tool).

But the coolness of being there just outweighs this and my flight ti gatwick at night with atc and loads of traffic was priceless.

After having flown the NG I thought I would check out the 787..

Me, having flown it as a passenger but not having to get up there had really no idea of the cockpit. But I can say it feels a hell lot less crammed than the 737 NG cockpit. The shear size was just amazing.


So to sum things up a bit.. If you are thinking of taking the plunge to VR.. Dont expect it to be visual heaven outside of the airplane. You could prob. remove most terrain settings lol..

But the cockpit.. All though also a bit blurry is just worth every hard earned buck/euro or whatever you receive




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Welcome to the club, the only way to fly. 

i7-6700k @4.5GHz 16G XMP-3200 | GTX1080ti | 1TSDD | Win10 | TIR | TMCougar | CHyoke/TQ/peds | 55" 4k UHDTV | OR cv1 | P3Dv4




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